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Zylkene – Remedy for Feline Stress & Anxiety

Vetoquinol Zylkene

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Zylkene is a natural remedy for de-stressing the cats. The short term situational stress and the long term chronic anxiety both will be reduced by using these capsules. The pets cannot communicate how they feel at home, they ‘show’ us through their behavior. The many ways they express their fear and nervousness is by soiling, to start with, sudden change in their behavior, sleep disturbances, non-interest in any activities.

Causes for stress in cats

A home change is highly disturbing for felines as they see new place, unknown direction and there are all reasons for the little friends to panic. A baby at home or a new pet’s arrival can also cause the same effect. Noises of some kind make a few feline jittery and panicky.

What is Zylkene?

Zylkene is a natural product made carefully with naturally available ingredients. It comes as capsules that works faster and helps the pets cope with the situation. The excited nerves and calmed down and they get a chance to observe and know things around without panic.

The active ingredient in Zylkene is decapeptide a-casozepine, which is a pep-tide derived from milk protein casein. This pep-tide can bind to the brain receptors, temporarily to have a calming effect, just the way the tranquilizers would do. Unlike the drugs there are no sedation, drowsiness, side effects or interactions. There are no chemicals added here. It is non-addictive and safe for pets of all ages. It is hypo allergic as well.

Zylkene is available in three sizes of capsules each differing in the content percentage. There are 75 mg, 225 mg and 450 mg capsules.

Zylkene Administration

Zylkene capsules are easy to administer and easily digestible. The capsule can be given as it is or opened and mix the contents with the pet’s food, treat, or water. Give one capsule per day is the basic dosage. The dosage changes with the weight of the pets.

  • Up to 5 kg- 1 75 mg capsule per day
  • 5-10 kg- 2 75 mg capsules
  • 10-20 kg- 1 225 mg
  • 20-40 kg- 1 450 mg
  • Pets over 40 kg- 2 450 mg capsules

Evaluate the pet’s behavior after 15-30 days and observe the changes. The dosage can be modified according to the improvements. But of course, do consult with the veterinarian in case the dosage needs to be increased.

As a precautionary measure, where you know when the pet may get fidgety, give one dose to have them composed before the impending event. Situations like a major environment change- thunderstorm, when being left alone, arrival of a baby or a new pet, trips, fireworks, vet visits, party or celebrations etc. Zylkene can act fast and have the pet calm within no time.

Regular use of Zylkene will show major improvement. The pet that was reluctant to take part in activities will show more interest, the sleep pattern will be normal and their behavior also shows positive changes. Zylkene is a blessing for both the pets and their owners.

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