Gadgets are the greatest distraction form anything interesting that happens in life. Do you have the habit of ignoring your pets for too long? If you are, the poor thing must be bored to death. There is a limit to playing with the toys all alone. If you are letting your cute kitty to play all alone, it’s not long before it shows signs of boredom. There are many signs that indicate that your cat is utterly bored. The question is, how can you cure its boredom? Here are a few easy, practical, and doable steps to get rid of the cat boredom.

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Pamper the cat with loads of love

Cats are independent creatures but at times they also need their share of pampering. Pamper your cat with lots of love and quality time. It is not just us humans that crave for the quality time. The poor thing would be waiting on you for god knows how many hours, make the time to play with the cat as early as possible. You have got work to do at home. Make the work playful with the cat by throwing the toys at him or her.

Cats love to please you. Ask them to get harmless things for you and it would be more than ready to oblige. This fetching game could be fun with handmade toys like crumbled paper or other things as well. Spend the evening time in giving them a thorough grooming session. They would adore you forever. the love loaded on them would not only make them closer to you but will also give them reason to look forward to, every single day. These expectant cats would be too busy to feel bored. Make sure they have some interesting toys like a fishing pole or other interactive, make-them-do-something toys around to engage them when they are alone.

Taking them for a walk

Cats are not born indoors. They are meant for the outdoor life with running and chasing their prey. Hardly do they get the chance once they are domesticated. Taking them for a walk even for a minutes and allowing them to chase something would make them happy. They can give into their natural instincts. But make sure that you have the reign in your hands to save them from their predators. If your cat loves to play outside than inside, let them. Otherwise, they would sure get bored inside, no matter what you do, how much you spend on them.

Get them some furniture and treats

Gift them with some tower to climb on or jump from. This will help the cats to pass their time alone. Scattering their room with treats that are hidden under, over or in their toys would drive them crazy. Let them scratch anywhere in this room and keep only cat friendly items there. The tower furniture would make them climb and get down many times to tire them out.

Identify these signs as cat boredom

Eating habits is one of the easily identifiable sign of boredom. The cat might suddenly feel to eat more and show more interest in the food and enjoying them. Some cats may also show the opposite, showing no interest at all. both these signs could point towards their boredom. It could also mean some health issues but as long as there are no other signs of health problem it must be the boredom. In case of no food sign, give them whatever they eat.

Sleeping a lot is another sign that the cat is bored. When they have nothing else to do, they sleep, sleep a lot. If you find them sleeping for longer hours, wake them up and get them to do something. Many a times they might also be feigning sleep, but you know your cuties, catch them red handed and make them play or exercise.

Grooming too much is another symptom that can hint towards boredom. The cat might also loss a lot of fur as well. If there are no infections or skin diseases, this hair loss and excessive grooming could be because they are bored.

Getting aggressive is also because they feel boring. Their sudden destructive nature is a concern. You may have to spend more time with them to make them feel secured and happy.

Boredom is all because they feel alone and insecure. Either you spend enough time with them otherwise, get them to cat care center while you are at work or better yet, get them a play mate to spend time with. But you must be sure that the cat is all game to have another buddy to live with.