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Wysong Twin Pak – Health Supplement For Cats

Wysong Twin Pak

The Twin Pak from Wysong includes a bottle each of AddLife and DentaTreat. AddLife is a vitamin and mineral supplement that enhances the nutritive value of commercial and homemade cat foods. DentaTreat is an alternative dental care product for the cats for their oral hygiene and health. With the Twin Pak the cats will have both, a balanced nutrition and dental hygiene at a better prize.

The commercial cat food not only provides the necessary nutrients but also affect the dental health of them with the sugars and carbohydrates in it. The chemicals and preservative in them will only increase the problem. The Wysong Twin Pak is a simple one-step solution to correct the wrongs done the commercial cat food.

What does Twin Pak contain?

The Wysing Twin Pak contains a 3 oz bottle each of AddLife and DentaTreat. There is also a bigger case of 6 Twin Paks. The Twin Pak makes taking care of the feline health easier. The cats will get the nutrition they needed and their teeth are also kept well without much trouble. The cheese in the Dentatreat is highly beneficial for the dental hygiene. Though each product in the Twin Pak works independently, the collective effort would make the feline healthier, stronger and with more immunity.

AddLife: AddLife is a dietary supplement that is helping to improve the quality of the food that the cat eats. The processing and cooking of the food destroy most of its nutrients and the ultimate food they eat can do no better. By adding AddLife the cats will get extra protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals that are lacking in their processed foods. The addition of probiotics and enzymes would only enhance their digestion that itself will make more nutrients available for the body to absorb and utilize. There are antioxidants, amino acids, and herbal extracts to aid in the health improvement.

DentaTreat: The cat’s dental health is maintained by DentaTreat with the cheese, probiotics, and enzymes. Most of the dental problems in cats are due to the presence of bad bacteria, undigested food, and improper digestive system. With the enzymes, the digestion process becomes normal and the food is well digested and leaves nothing behind for the bad bacteria to work upon. The cheese added here acts as a tooth-decay preventer. Aloe vera neutralizes the mouth acidity and saves the enamel. The probiotics also aid in the digestion and ensure a better immune system that can fight bacterial infection in the mouth and keep the bad breath in cats away.

Wysong Twin Pak Feeding instructions

The Twin Pak ingredients AddLife and DentaTreat are sprinkled on to the food, twice or thrice in a day. Both the products are carefully processed to preserve its nutrients and later dehydrated to remove moisture to prolong its shelf life. Adding them to the food will not change the flavor of it. In case of the flavor changes, it is good for it.

Probiotics and Enzymes

The Twin Pak contains a good amount of probiotics and enzymes in its products. The enzymes added here come from the probiotic bacteria. The bacteria produce enzymes that help in the digestion process and to prevent other pathogenic attacks. The enzymes produced by these probiotics can destroy the cell wall of the pathogen and prevent infection. The need for the extra enzymes arises because the natural enzymes in the food are destroyed by the processing and cooking. These enzymes can help in the self-digestion of the food.

The probiotics, on the other hand, can help with the prevention of many diseases by acting as natural antibiotics and thereby improving the natural immunity in cats. The common digestive disorders will be gone. The body pH balance is also maintained by them.

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