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Wysong Nutri-Clip – Cat Food

Wysong Nutri Clip Cat food

Wysong Nutri-Clip is a clip to close the cat food package tight. The sealed cat food packet once opened will have to kept air tight to preserve the flavor and aroma of the ingredients. Since all the dry cat food from Wysong Corporation contains raw meat in it, they must be stored under safe and hygienic conditions. The initial step is to close the packet tight. The Nutri-clip provided by the company is suitable to close all its packages.

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The need for extra care for the dry cat food – Benefits

The dry cat food from Wysong has the raw meat in it. The raw meat is carefully non-thermal processed to preserve the raw flavor and to remove the spoiling micro-organisms in it. Keeping the package opened or not closing air tight will make way for the pathogens and micro-organisms to re-enter and spoil the meat. The meat added in this dry food is processed to have a long shelf life and that can be supported by the use of Wysong Nutri-Clips.

Using Wysong Nutri-Clips

Wysong Nutri-Clip can be used by simply crunching the package right on top of the food staying, remove all air from above the food and hold it tight. Open the Nutri-clip snap, hold it close to the crunch and close it around.

The Nutri-clip is closed tight and will not allow air to pass through it. The contents in the pack will be preserved for longer. Since the dry food for cats are used only a cup the maximum, at a time, even the smallest package can be used for long. The Nutri-clip ensures that the product stays fresh for that much longer and will not allow to be spoiled.

The advantage of Nutri-clip is that it can be used to close any other packages as well.

Wysong Nutri-Clip availability

The Wysong Nutri-Clip is available as single. While ordering the cat food, the Nutri-clip also can be ordered. Have enough Nutri-clips ordered for the number of packages ordered, especially if you are purchasing the Variety pack or a number of flavors or products at a time. The Variety dry cat food package comes with a nutria-clip in it but one may not be enough to close all the packages inside.

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