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Wysong Nurture Kitten Formula

Nurture cat dry food is the best formula for the kittens. There is hardly any cat feed that is suitable for cats of all ages. As the name suggests this product is to nurture the felines to their heart. It is a natural but dry raw cat food that is delicious for the cats with their preferred natural flavors of chicken and fish meal.

Being in market for over 3 decades, the Wysong Nurture promises health and nourishment to the cats than just curbing their hunger. Wysong Nurture is more than just a food. On regular usage it has the potential to be a health necessity that will also help the felines to develop more immunity and lead a trouble free life ahead.

Wysong Nurture

Wysong Nurture features

Wysong Nurture contains high protein levels in it. It has the chicken meat, fish, turkey meal, protein from other sources, vitamins, and minerals from vegetables, fruits, fish oil, and other nutrients. Fat content in Wysong Nurture is comparatively low and in the safer side of health.

The probiotic content in it helps improve the cat’s digestion and block out some common digestion issues. Wysong Nurture has many enzymes also that will assist in the metabolic activities.

Fiber is also added in it in the form of veggies and fruits. The antioxidants in them are preserved as the processing is done not with heat. The fish meal is abundant with the omega fatty acids that benefits in many ways.

The contents are well mixed and processed carefully after which it undergoes dehydration process to make it a dry cat food. Being dry does not mean that the cats get to have some crunchies. The Wysong Nurture is a dry food that the cats can actually bite into it as if they are having it right from the Mother Nature.

This Wysong Nurture kitten formula nourishes the kittens in their growing years with all the necessary items and makes them healthier and stronger.

Wysong Nurture kitten formula feeding chart

The feeding chart explains the method of feeding for each age group of kittens. The quantity again varies with the weight of the kitties as well.

For kitten under the age of 6 months are served Wysong Nurture ¼ – ½ cups to 1 cup. The serving size again varies with its weight that ranges from 3, 5, 10, or 15 lbs. the cup measures are ¼, ½, ¾ or 1 cup.

Wysong Nurture can be served as a single meal every day. But start the amount low and increase it gradually. In the beginning mix it with its usual diet to avoid any digestive disturbances. Slowly increase the portion of Wysong Nurture and reduce the other meal.

Wysong Nurture availability

Wysong Nurture is available in a 5 lb bag, 20 lb box or in a 40 lb case. The box will have 2 20 lb boxes in it. Opting for the case will save you some money. The kittens would love the flavor so make sure you have enough stock for their cravings.

This no chemical, no artificial flavors formula will not do any harm to the kittens but will add to their health slowly but steadily.

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