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Why Garlic & Onions Are Poisonous For Cats? It Is Not As Effective For Flea As You Think

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Cats that have weaker immune system get the receiving end. The young kittens, elderly cats and the kitties that are recovering from any diseases are more at the risk. This coupled with unhygienic conditions favors flea infection and non-treatment makes thing worse.

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Garlic is well known for its healing powers and antibacterial properties. Garlic is widely used as an instant remedy against flea attacks in cats. What people ignore is the fact that the garlic, as well as any other member of the Allium family including onion is poisonous to the cats. Even in the smallest amount it can do its damage inside the feline body.

Garlic and onions are good for only us, it is highly toxic to the fragile and sensitive body of cats. Immediate medical attention is called for even the slightest amount of consumption otherwise it could be lethal.

How Are They Toxic To Cats?

The compounds in garlic and onions are not properly digested by the cat’s system. The compounds in these food items can destroy the already sensitive red blood cells in the cats. It could cause serious troubles like anemia. Even the slightest amount of garlic can damage the red blood cells. But the impact is too little to show any outward signs.

Regular consumption in smaller quantity would one day burst out. When you feed garlic or anything that has the trace of garlic, you are not improving your kitty’s health instead you are sowing killing the poor thing. The garlic toxicity also causes gastroenteritis, the inflammation in the stomach or intestine which causes severe pain for the poor things.

There is no real level of toxicity of garlic in cats. It is poisonous in any amount you feed it. But only when the toxicity level reaches certain point that there are symptoms. Onion is toxic even at 5g per kg of the body weight of cats. Since garlic has even more amount of toxin than onion it takes too little amount.

How To Know The Signs Of Garlic Toxicity?

If you notice the cat is struggling to breathe, too tired to do anything shows digestive problems like diarrhea or vomiting and of the gums look paler than necessary, take it as sign of garlic toxicity. The cat might also suffer from high rate of heart beat, faster breathing, intolerance to any activity or might even collapse all off a sudden. The loss of red blood cells causes troubles in the blood flow that leads to this situation.

Prevention Is Better For Garlic And Onion Poisoning

The best way to deal is to avoid use of garlic to flee the flea. Use the other remedies like vinegar or other methods. Absolutely no garlic for cats under any circumstances. You must also be careful as to avoid giving them any capsule or food that has trace of garlic. If the label shows garlic anywhere, get rid of it.

It would be advisable to go for the cat food that has deodorizing done. It will have the disulfides removed and would be much preferred than raw garlic or garlic powder in the food. It is less toxic.

So the next time you think about adding ‘flavor’ to the home cooked cat food, avoid using onions or garlic completely for the safety and health of your felines.

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