Is your cat anemic? It may sound odd to think that a carnivorous species can also be anemic. If your cat has anemia don’t panic. But if diagnosed early this can be cured and your cat will be brought to normal condition in no time. The causes for cat anemia can be various. Therefore its essential to have your cat properly assessed by your veterinarian.

How This Anemia Develops?

Anemia occurs due to the reduction of the red blood cells in the bloodstream. These blood cells are responsible for the transport and delivery of oxygen throughout the body. This deficiency in red blood cells can be fatal to the entire system.

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Symptoms Of Anemia

  • Weakness
  • Lethargy
  • Pale gums
  • Decreased appetite

Identification Of Cat Anemia

Anemia is diagnosed by your veterinarian through the examination of the red blood cell count in the cat’s blood. The common blood test performed for identifying feline anemia is packed cell volume (PCV). This PCV is a quick test which gives the percentage of red blood cells in your cat’s bloodstream. Lower percentage of blood cells than normal shows that your cat is suffering from anemia.

Some Other Tests To Detect What Is Causing Anemia

  • Bone marrow biopsy: Provides information about the condition of the bone marrow.
  • Blood smear: To detect blood parasites.
  • Urinalysis: Examines the cat’s electrolyte levels.
  • Fecal parasite exam: Checks for parasites in the intestine that causes blood loss.
  • Biochemical profile: Checks your cat’s organ function and the overall health condition.
  • Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV): Detects feline AIDS.
  • Feline leukemia (FeLV): Examines the primary cause of anemia.

Affected Breeds

All breeds of cats may develop anemia. Some breeds may suffer very rare forms associated to specific genetic diseases.

Here Are Some Home Remedies For Cats Diagnosed With Anemia

Foods rich in iron: Veterinarian Lee R. Harris explains the importance of foods rich in iron and B vitamin for anemic cats in his book “ The Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies for Dogs and Cats”. Cooked liver is beneficial for anemic cats. You can give one ounce of liver to your cat in every 1-2 weeks. This may help her recover faster.

  • Its better to limit exercise: Exercise causes more oxygen intake. Anemic cats have very low oxygen levels. Hence, they tend to get tired easily. By limiting exercise you may quicken your cat’s recovery.
  • Look for supplements: There are many supplements over the counter supplements which provide extra nutrients to your sick pets. Try to give these supplements to the cat by consulting with your vet.
  • Check your cats eyes: The lower eyelid of the cat will help in determine the anemic condition.
  • Check your cats mouth: Cats effected with anemia will have a tongue with a very pale pink or white color. Usually, these anemic cats will exhibit pale mucous membranes.
  • Check for parasites: Parasites such as fleas, ticks and hook worms can cause anemia in small kittens. Make sure your cat is free of fleas by using good monthly topicals.
  • Avoid using onion in her diet: Researchers have found pets fed with onions and garlic are likely to suffer from certain type of anemia called “Heinz Anemia”. Ensure you are not feeding your cats with onions.


All these home remedies can be used as a preventive measure. Some cases of anemia can be mild. Many cases can be extremely dangerous. You have to contact the veterinarian. Since all the above mentioned remedies cannot be used as a substitute for a professional consultant advice.