Is your pet dying day by day? Do you really care for her. Then why are giving her poison ??

Pets are like babies for us. How a mother treats a baby when they are young. In the similar way, a pet owner treats his pet, whatever it may be. Even these pets like toys, whether she may be a cat or dog. The toys with which they had played when they were youngest will remain their dearest forever. Mostly dogs prefer toys which they are able to torn apart while cats usually like those toys, with which they are able to play. We always wish to safeguard our pets from all harms. Nothing is 100% pure as we think. This may lead to many digestive problems and choking hazards. Day by day, our kitties are ingesting the bits of these hazardous substances.

Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

Things you don’t know that’s present in your kitty’s toys

  • Sponges: These products indirectly go to their stomach will playing and later will expand in the stomach or intestine.
  • Toys mainly with small parts: Comprises of things like buttons and plastic eyes. Apart from this there may be also things like small plastic pieces, bells ribbons etc.
  • Rope toys: Such toys possess crooked surfaces which stick to the intestinal lining. They are dangerous as they create intestinal blockages and other kinds of digestive problems.
  • Stuffed toys: Especially these toys are mainly responsible for choking hazard.

Major chemicals present in the toys

  • Phthalates: These chemicals are added to the plastics to soften them, which is associated with damage of reproductive health.
  • Heavy metals: Mainly include metals like lead. Lead affects the mental and physical development of the pets.


Plastic is hazardous to both humans and animals. But no one is realizing the fact, how injurious plastic is? We all go for plastics, since its handy and light weight. Plastic is rife with a chemical named Bisephenol (BPA). Studies show that the leaching of Bisephenol from the containers lined with the polycarbonate plastics is dangerous to the health. Moreover this is tested in more than 200 lab animals, where they are found exposed to certain kinds of neural and reproductive health issues. When we are giving the foods to our pets in this plastic bowls, the same thing happens to them also. The more you keep the food in these containers the more the amount of BPA will be leached. Plastic bowls are highly porous making the unhealthy bacteria to harbor easily in these containers.

In the beginning even I was unaware about the facts of these substances. Until I had not experienced about this in my life. My grandmother’s 4 years old cat used to play with her favorite mouse toy from the childhood itself. She was used to it and would sleep without that. One day, by mistake the doll stuck to her mouth and she couldn’t take it out. All the family members were on the tour for few days. She was kept in the neighbors’ house with all her belongings. For a mother her child is like a prince or princess, no one else can care like her. Similarly who else can care for your pet? There was no one for her rescue. Finally, she died with a pain. Just because of this silly mistake. From that day onwards, I stopped using plastic utensils for my pet. Also I advice others when I see this harm done to these small animals.

There are certain other bowls which can be used instead of plastics

  • Ceramic bowls: This can be a best option. Since the bowl is free of lead particles and other kinds of chemicals. Regular check has to be made on these bowl to prevent the habituation of harmful bacteria.
  • Stainless Steel bowl: Stainless steel bowl are non porous, non leaching and easy to sanitize. One of the best feature of this bowl is they are less exposed to chemicals in comparison to other plastic products.
  • Silicone bowl: These bowl are in great demand in market nowadays. They are absolutely space saving, non toxic, nonstick and does not retain any odor.

Always check for FDA rules while selecting a bowl

Be sure that the bowls fulfill the FDA standards.