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Vitality – A Natural Dry Cat Food

Vitality is a dry cat food made of complete natural ingredients. The main objective of this product is to keep up the vitality of the cats. It is a much needed feed for an active cat. It also works wonders for the old or tired cats that don’t show any interest in activities. This adult cat diet is a holistic approach for a healthier cat that also has better immune system in the modern era.

Vitality advantages

Wysong Vitality has the biggest advantage in its processing. The ingredients in this product is less processed or rather, not processed at all. There is no use of heat on the manufacturing, as the heat can destroy most nutrient value in the food. The cold processed raw meat, fish, and other ingredients are carefully handled and later dehydrated to remove the moisture and make it a unique dry raw cat food which is not heard popular.

This single factor makes Vitality stand apart for all other cat feed. The uniqueness of Vitality is seen in its dry form which is not crunchy but the form of raw meat that the cat will have to bite into and tear apart.

Ingredients in Vitality

The chief ingredient of Vitality is chicken. Since the focus is to have more energy production, the chicken will have protein that can generate ample amount of energy than other nutrients. To add power to the chicken there is chicken meal also, which is a mix of all the organs and bones of the chicken. There are fish meal and turkey meals as well. These are also full of nutrients as it is. The no-processing policy makes them a bank of nourishment and the cats will love the luxury of eating them raw. There are eggs, peas, crab meal etc as other sources of protein. Protein makes 36% of the product.

The carbohydrate source is brown rice. This whole grain is far better than other fillers. There are many fruits and vegetables like tomato, blueberry, celery, beets, spinach etc that provides the vitamins, minerals and the needed micronutrients.

Fish oil and taurine are also part of the ingredients. Fish oil provides the omega fatty acids that are used for energy production and immune boosting. Together these ingredients makes and excellent cat diet that will give them energy and better health that can last long.

The cats will love the natural flavor of raw meat and fish, that itself will take half the worry about their diet habits. They are sure to eat the food and there is no depriving for this.

It also has yogurt that promote the growth of probiotic bacteria, the fruits and vegetables also provide the antioxidants needed to guard the cells and tissues from oxidative damage done by the free radicals.

Feeding Vitality

Vitality can be used as a whole meal anytime of the day. There is a dosage that will be better to feed the cats of all sizes. The feeding chart explains that the quantity of Vitality differs for cats of different weights. A cat that weighs 5 lbs needs ¼ to ½ cups of Vitality. But for the 10 lbs to 15 lbs cats can have ½ a cup or ¾ cups of the dry cat food. Cats that are on the heavier side with above 20 lbs are better fed on ¾ cup to 1 full cup of Vitality.

Vitality is ready to eat and no need for mixing. Initially mix Vitality with the usual food the cat takes. Gradually increase this product and reduce the amount of the other meal and over the period of time make Vitality a complete portion of a meal.

The customer reviews

The customers are satisfied with the quality of the Vitality and the interest it creates in the cat’s mind. The cats that were picky eaters are now fighting to get into the bowl. They even fight to have a bite at it. Many cat owners have found that the feeding time is an easier time with the introduction of Vitality.

The Vitality is available in packs of 5 lbs bag, 20 lb box, and 40 lb case with 2 boxes of the 20 lb boxes. The individual packing of the higher quantity packs ensures freshness.

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