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Vetericyn All Animal Ear Rinse for Cats

Vetericyn Ear Rinse

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Vetericyn All Animal Ear Rinse is an ear rinse suitable for animals of any age or size. It helps in treating the infections caused in the ears of the cat because of bacteria present. Any burning, stinging and itching sensations caused on the ear of the cats can be relieved. This product is an easy to use topical ear rinse that has antibiotic-resistant MRSA. Some of the benefits offered by the Vetericyn All Animal Ear Rinse are:

  • The Vetericyn All Animal Ear Rinse is known for its antimicrobial properties that are proven to be effective for killing the bacteria, fungus, viruses and spores present in the ears of the cat.
  • It is a safe product that is non-toxic and is a no-rinse solution. You do not have to worry about the healthy tissues of the cats getting damaged as it is not a harmful product.
  • The formula mix is free from steroid, alcohol and antibiotics and provides for quick healing and faster relief of the ear infections faced by the cats.
  • It also contains a compound called oxychlorine that is produced by the immune system of the cat.
  • The Vetericyn All Animal Ear Rinse formula is neutral in the pH level and thereby does not sting at the time when it is applied on to the ears of the cat.
  • The safety of this product is determined at the time of licking or ingestion by the cat.
  • This product is a completely non-irritating and non-sensitizing solution for relieving the ear infections in cats. The irritations occurring on both the outer and inner ears of the cat are resolved.
  • The Vetericyn All Animal Ear Rinse is free from pollutants and contaminants and helps in wounding odors too.

There is also a 4 oz bottle of Vetericyn All Animal Ear Rinse available.

Vetericyn All Animal Ear Rinse – Directions for Use

  • Before the application of the Vetericyn All Animal Ear Rinse, trim off the excess hair present in the affected region of the cat’s ears.
  • Now take the ear rinse bottle and adjust the dropper nozzle according to your dosage level.
  • Use Vetericyn All Animal Ear Rinse for saturating the affected area of the ear.
  • Some cats require dressing. So in that case saturate the dressing too.
  • There is no need for rinsing off after the saturation is done.
  • See to it that the wounds are cleaned thoroughly and the moist content is maintained for quick healing of the wounds.

This process can be repeated for 3 to 4 times a day as per directed by your vet. Continue this treatment until you find a relief on the affected area and the symptoms subsides. The Vetericyn All Animal Ear Rinse is safe to be used around the mouth, nose and eyes of the cat apart from its ears. But this is not a product for the inner ear infections and should not be used for inner ear infections.

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