Urinary Tract Infection

UTI-Free Relieves Frequent Urination

UTI-Free is a natural remedy for the symptoms caused by the urinary tract infections in felines. UTI-Free relieves the common symptoms of UTI like frequent urination, discomfort around the bladder etc. These symptoms that are both acute and chronic will be relieved with regular use of UTI-Free.

UTI-Free is soothing to the infected areas in the bladder. It can prevent further infections. Once the infection is relieved, this product can prevent the recurrence. The ingredients in this natural product are capable of boosting the natural immunity to prevent the vulnerability. It is also able to treat the infection first hand. The natural product is far safer than other chemical drugs any day.


UTI-Free is soothing to the infected areas in the bladder. It can prevent further infections. Once the infection is relieved, this product can prevent the recurrence.

How to know when to start UTI-Free

UTI-Free is most effective when used in the initial stage of the urinary infections in cats. Pay attention to the color and odor of the urine. If the cat’s urine has turned brown and has strong odor it is a sign of urinary tract infection. The other symptoms in cats to look for are,

  • Cats will strain while urinating with pain and other discomforts.
  • The cats will be seen licking its genitals constantly.
  • The frequency of urination will have a sudden raise.
  • The urine might be cloudy, pink, or brown in color.
  • The cats may also have fever and fatigue.

Ingredients in UTI-Free

  • Berberis vulg is a much used homeopathic ingredient in treating urinary bladder diseases. The compound berberine in this herb has antibacterial property which is being used in the UTI-Free formulation. It protects the cells walls of the host and prevents bacterial infection which also reduces the impact of inflammation if the pathogen is able to penetrate. The herb is capable of enhancing the immune system to prevent recurrence. Regular usage of this can be a preventive antibiotic for a long term.
  • Cantharis is able to soothe the burning sensation while urinating. The infection will have this effect on the cats and that makes them strain. With this in their system the burning will be reduced and the felines can have painless urination. The drop by drop urination is also stopped with the help of this.
  • Staphysagris is another common homeopathic ingredient that cures urino-genital problems. The urine retention that is mostly associated with prostate problems is also solved. The involuntary urge to urinate, the subsequent pressure on the bladder and the pain around the area are all relieved with this ingredient.

Using UTI-Free

UTI-Free is in a convenient granule form. The granules are readily dissolvable in the cat’s mouth. It can be administered straight to the cat’s mouth or in their wet food or water. A single dose is a large pinch. Administer the recommended dose every 30 minutes on the day 1, for a maximum of 6 doses per day. The next 7 days, the dosage is the same but give it only 2 or 3 times a day depending on the need.

For a maintenance dose make it twice a day for as long as needed. There are no side effects and is it non-addictive. There are no drug interactions so it is safe to use with other prescribed drugs.

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