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Ursodiol For Liver Problems In Cats & Dogs

Ursodiol 250 mg

VetApprovedRx provides online the most common, branded and high quality pet medications that are USA FDA and EPA approved. These pet medications are of great use to start with the initial treatment for pet’s health condition.

But in case your pet is having heart, liver or other problems which left untreated would turn chronic, consult veterinarian as he can best suggest proper treatment method. Liver problems in cats and dogs should be identified at early stage to effectively treat and manage. Ursodiol offered by VetApprovedRx is delivered to you only on veterinarian’s prescription. The full description of this product is mentioned herewith.

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Ursodiol is a prescription generic medication that treats some kinds of liver and gallbladder diseases. It is also useful and helpful in removing gallstones that contain cholesterol. This product is useful for both Cats and Dogs. It is offered in three variants – 300mg per Capsule (one capsule), 300mg 100 count bottle and 250mg 100 cnt Tablets.

Please note that to buy Ursodiol you are required to produce veterinarian’s prescription. At the time of check out you will have to provide details (FAX or email address) of your veterinarian. VetApprovedRx will send prescription verification to him or her which your veterinarian will authorize by signing and return so that Ursodiol can be shipped to you.

What Benefits are offered by Ursodiol?

The various benefits offered by Ursodiol are:

  • It help treats certain liver and gall bladder diseases, including cirrhosis and chronic hepatitis.
  • This product aids reducing absorption of cholesterol from food and also increases the breakdown of cholesterol.
  • It is helpful in dissolving gallstones that contain cholesterol
  • Also it helps remove toxic bile acids

How does Ursodiol work?

Ursodiol works by increasing the flow of bile into and out of the gall bladder and into the intestine. This formulation is efficient enough to prevent a potentially toxic build up of bile. It decreases the amount of cholesterol in bile by reducing the amount of cholesterol the liver produces. Ursodiol also helps reduces the amount of cholesterol absorbed from food intake and increases its breakdown, particularly cholesterol that has formed into gallstones.

How to Administer Ursodiol?

Administrating Ursodiol capsules is easy as it can be given orally or can preferably be with food. Please ensure to adhere the below mentioned guidelines.

  • Ensure you always follow the dosage instructions as provided by your veterinarian.
  • If you find any difficulty giving the medication, contact your veterinarian and offer proper suggested doses only.
  • Make sure you give this medication, Ursodiol only to the pet for whom it was specifically prescribed.
  • Unless advised in a different way, you should give Ursodiol with food only.
  • Ursodiol is a long-term therapy and to be effective it must be given continuously. Hence, follow your veterinarian’s directions very carefully.

What are the Side Effects of Ursodiol?

There are certain side effects caused by Ursodiol. This product may cause diarrhea in some pets. It may actually worsen liver disease in some animals. The indicating signs are depression, vomiting, or jaundice yellowing of the gums, eyes or skin. Consult your veterinarian immediately if you see any of the above given side effects.

If your pet experiences an allergic reaction to this medication, Ursodiol, the common signs may include facial swelling, scratching, hives and sudden onset of diarrhea, shock, vomiting, seizures, pale gums, cold limbs, or coma. Immediately contact your veterinarian, if you observe any of these signs.

Ursadiol is a beneficial prescription medication for pet live and gall balder diseases. But use it with caution as it may not suit your pet and identify side effects, if any to help pet recover soon.

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