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Uretic Feline Formula From Wysong

Uretic™ Feline Formula

Cats will need special diet during urinary infection. The diet should assist them in fighting the infection and also provide some defensive moves in their immune system. Uretic is one such formula that helps the felines to fare better against the urinary tract infections. It is made with natural ingredients that also stay in their natural form as well. The main target of Uretic is to boost the immune system, add to the overall health and improve the urinary system functioning and health. This natural cat food is also found to help the felines to have better vitality with its unique ingredients.

Features of Uretic feline formula

  • Uretic is formulated for the urinary health of the cats. It can be used in those cats that suffer from the urinary infection or are recovering from it.
  • It is suitable for cats of all ages. It is not restricted to be used by a particular age group. It works the same in all.
  • There are antioxidants and some herbs that can prevent further infections. The Rosemary extract added gives the felines a boost in fighting the allergies.
  • Uretic is made of natural and whole ingredients. The meat, fish, and crab are all in their natural form but are only slightly cold processed to preserve its form and flavor that will be enjoyed by the cats.
  • The protein content is more in the formulation which tally up to 36% and fat is considerably low at 16% which is not bad. Cats need fat in smaller amount and it is chosen well for the feline health.
  • Uretic feline formula is completely safe as there is no use of artificial additives or by-products.

Ingredients in Uretic

The protein content in Uretic comes from the chicken, chicken, fish and turkey meals also, chicken fat, peas, brown rice. There also are flaxseeds, eggs, crab meal, whey protein, fruit and vegetable pulps, herbal extracts, yeast, yogurt for the probiotics etc.

The mineral salts, useful and significant vitamins, digestive enzymes and pepper also makes into the ingredients list. The vegetables used here are celery, carrot, beets, spinach, lettuce, watercress, parsley etc. The fruits comprise blueberry and kelp.

Fish oil is what helps the cat to fight the infection by strengthening the immune system and providing ore energy for the same.

Taurine added here is useful to safeguard the eyes and cardio health of the felines.

Switching to the Uretic diet

Uretic can be used as a single whole meal. The change in diet has to be gradual. Initially mix a small portion of Uretic with the usual meal and see the cat fares. Gradually increase the Uretic portion and reduce that of the other meal until Uretic makes the whole meal. This gradual change helps the cat’s digestive system to make suitable changes and so that it don’t affect the digestion. Make the changes over a period of 7 days. Some cats may not be comfortable with this faster change and may need a little more time for the switching.

The amount of Uretic fed is dependent on the cat’s weight.

  • 5 lbs- ½ a cup daily
  • 10 lb – ¾ cup
  • 15 lbs – ¾ cup
  • 20 lbs and above 1 cup per day

Uretic is a dry food but is not that crunchy. There are raw meat added that can be bitten down giving the felines a feel of normality. The addition of chicken and other meals in it add to the moisture content and it is not completely dry to the core. It is just dry enough to extend its shelf life and convenience. There is no need to add extra water or cooking. It is best when eaten raw.

There are no excess minerals that increase the urine acidity. It helps maintain the urine pH and avoids crystal formation in the bladder.

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