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Cat Food – Non Thermal

Wysong dry cat foods are all true non-thermal processed. The true non-thermal processing is the new technology of food processing that helps preserve all the goodness and nutrients in the food. The thermal processing involves the use of heat. Heat will not help preserve the nutrients but only to damage it.

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The cats being a carnivorous animal are genetically made to have raw uncooked food. There is no point in ‘cooking’ for them, unless you want to make sure that they have food that is not contaminated or have food spoiling micro-organisms in them. But by cooking many of the digestive enzymes and essential nutrients are lost from the food and the felines do not get the enough nourishment expected from their food.

What is food processing?

Food processing is the procedure of removing the harmful bacteria from the raw food items, in order to prolong its shelf life. The bacteria thriving on the raw meat, as in this case, will spoil the meat in no time and it cannot be stored for long and loses its label of being a stored food item.

The food processing removes the bacteria and keeps the food fresh. The processing removes the enzymes and other toxins that also play the spoilsport. The digestibility of the food is kept intact and when needed add texture and flavor to the food which might be new as well. It also helps remove certain allergens from the food such as certain proteins and starch.

The importance of non-thermal food processing

The non-thermal food processing was invented to avoid the disadvantages of the thermal processing. The thermal processing though preserves the food by freeing it from pathogens and other organisms, often changes the color and texture of the food. The ultimate result will be that the food is there but in another form of texture. The common methods of thermal processing are pasteurization, drying, freeze drying, etc.

The non-thermal food processing uses no such steps. The only common factor between these two types of food processing is that both kill the pathogenic organisms and increase the food’s shelf life. All other processes are in the reverse. Here mechanical power and other ultrasound waves are used to preserve. Here the digestive enzymes are not destroyed but are only arrested for a while which will get back to life once the food is consumed.

Using true non-thermal food processing by Wysong

The motive of the dry cat foods from Wysong is to provide the cats with fresh and naturally flavored real raw meat. The meat they can bite into just like they might have hunted for. The organs and other bones are also included in their meals. By the use of true non-thermal food processing the meat is kept as it is but is carefully processed to increase its life. The food is also dehydrated but not completely and enough moisture is retained in it. it can be eaten dry but at the same time have the feel of real meat.

With many flavors like beef, chicken, fish, rabbit, quail, turkey, Wysong Corporation offers the felines a wonderful feast with a range of dishes. These food also has many nutrients added in it to have proper nourishment in between the feast. The cat owners who have tried these are not disappointed at all as their kitties simply love these for it retains the natural appearance and flavor.

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