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Travel Chews – Motion Sickness Relief

Humans are not the only species that get motion sickness. Cats do suffer from the same problems while traveling in a car, boat or by air.

Common Symptoms Of Motion Sickness

The common symptoms that the cats show to express their uneasiness are excessive drooling of their saliva from mouth, crying out in discomforts, acting afraid or shows least interest in their activities, vomiting, urinating or defecating.

Causes Of Motion Sickness

There are many causes for motion sickness in cats. One of the most possible cause is emotional or a bad travel experience. This problem of motion sickness in cats is more faced by those cats that are not taken outdoor environment frequently.

Diagnosing Motion Sickness By Experts

There will be either neurological, behavioral or other vomiting causes that is causing this motion sickness. This is first ruled out. The history of the cat’s reaction to various stimuli is studied and diagnosed by a veterinarian.

How Travel Chews Is Going To Help My Pet?

Travel chew is a homeopathic medicine that comes with lactose rapid melt tablet form which will be very easy for your pet to consume. This product utilizes a multi directional process to relieve the motion sickness with no side effects. This product will start relieving your pet’s motion difficulties from vomiting, uneasiness and whining. Travel chews will help to keep your pet content and enjoy your travel.

Ingredients Used In Travel Chews

The active homeopathic ingredients used to create Travel Chews are:

Amyl nitrosum 6X HPUS, Argentum nitricum 6X, 30X, 1LM HPUS, Bryonia 6X, 30X, 1LM HPUS, Calendula officinalis 6X, 30X, 1LM HPUS, Cocculus indicus 6X, 30X, 1LM HPUS, Lac defloratum 6X, 30X, 1LM HPUS, Glonoinum 6X, 30X, 1LM HPUS, Nux vomica 6X, 30X, 1LM HPUS, Petroleum 6X, 30X, 1LM HPUS, Tabacum 6X, 30X, 1LM HPUS, Thyroidinum 6X, 30X, 1LM HPUS, Belladonna 10X, 30X, 1LM HPUS, Theridion curassavicum 30X, 1LM HPUS, Sanicula 30X, 5LM HPUS.

WHAT DOES THE WORD HPUS MEAN? The word HPUS signify that the components are officially monographed by the homeopathic pharmacopoeia of the united states.

IN WHICH ALL CONDITIONS CAN TRAVEL CHEWS BE USED? This will provide a complete relief from motion sickness, nausea, vomiting, confusions, dizziness, trembling and vertigo.

HOW TO USE TRAVEL CHEWS? Place travel chews in the flat surface of the hand and hold it out for your pet to take it. Give one or two tablet as required. If your pet won’t take this way, you can also add it to your pets food.

STORAGE OF TRAVEL CHEWS: Do not store it in direct sunlight. Do not store it next to electrical devices and appliances. Make sure that the lid is closed tightly and stored in a cool and dry place.

IS TRAVEL CHEWING A COMPLETE CURE? Travel chews are completely a homeopathic medicine that will work for a complete relief for motion sickness and all the related symptoms but this will not be a complete cure. There is lot more to do to help your pet to tackle the problems related to motion sickness.

WHAT WILL MY ORDER FOR TRAVEL CHEW CONTAIN? Your order for travel chews will contain a single bottle of travel chews will contain 90 melt tablets.

HOW LONG WILL ONE BOTTLE LAST? One bottle will last for roughly 90 hours of travel time if your pet is a small one. For multiple pets or larger pets, it may not last for such longer period of time.

Other Methods To Be Free From Motion Sickness

  • The one simple method for treating motion sickness is by making them familiar with rides. Many medications are available. However, travel chews are not intended to be replaced by the medications that are been prescribed by your veterinarians.
  • Ginger is one of the natural or home remedy that can be used for treating nausea.
  • Providing them with a comfortable environment can lead to an improvement in their overall attitude towards travel. If you are planning to take a long trip with your pets, make sure you have frequent breaks in between the travel.
  • Opening the windows of your car will help in more ventilation and reduce the air pressure in the vehicle.
  • Toys can help them to distract the discomfort that is felt by your pets.
  • Make sure that no food is giving while they show discomfort in between the travel.
  • Choose them with whole fresh foods.
  • Give them only clean and purified water with plenty of positive energy additionally. A good environment should be the first policy that should be adopted so as to be disease free.
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