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Thyroid Soothe Granules are remedy for overactive thyroid glands in cats. The thyroid gland must function normally to have a healthy body but in some cats it works overtime to cause troubles like loss of appetite and yet considerable weight loss. There must be a balance between the thyroid and endocrine system which is lacking when the thyroid functions abnormal. Thyroid Soothe Granules brings this needed balance and controls the hormone levels. This will bring down the symptoms of an overactive thyroid. It is also soothing to the digestive system and helps calm the hyperactive and anxious cats as well.

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What is Thyroid Soothe Granules?

Thyroid Soothe Granules are a natural non-irritating remedy for the hyperthyroidism in cats. It is a non-addictive formula that can reduce the anxiety and nervousness associated with the thyroid malfunction. It causes no troubles and has no additional flavoring agents, preservatives or chemicals or any kind.

Thyroid Soothe Granules helps regulate the hormone levels and body metabolic rate. The energy levels will be optimal and also helps maintain healthy body weight. The excessive shedding of the fur in cats is also reduced.

Why use Thyroid Soothe Granules

The hyperthyroidism is one of the common glandular diseases in cats. The overactive thyroid glands will produce more T4 hormones that impact many body functions. Digestion, weight loss, heart health, and reproduction processes etc are all affected. The skin health and coat in cats are also affected. To avoid all these, the treatment must be holistic. The best way for this method is to have the natural remedy like Thyroid Soothe Granules that helps in recovery, regulation, and restoration processes without causing any side effects. This is the best option than to give chemical drugs to the felines.

What is Thyroid Soothe Granules made of?

  • Chamomilla helps reduce the anxiety and nervousness which is often seen associated with overactive thyroid in cats. It calms the nerves and soothes it. It relaxes their mind and body. It makes the cats less sensitive to cold. The irritability, excessive thirst, and heat in their body are also alleviated.
  • Iodium or iodine is a needed trace element in the body that is used in the thyroid hormone production. It can also regulate the rapid metabolic rate, reduce appetite, control weight loss etc.
  • Lycopus helps with the coat or fur health and reduce the excessive shedding. The patchy or uneven fur loss is also cured to restore a smooth finish. It can also promote endocrine health. It is curative of some respiratory problems.
  • Nux vom extract is used as a digestive aid and reduce nausea or excess bile production. Irritability in cats is reduced with this herb. Sensitivity in cats is also reduced with the help of this ingredient.
  • Zingiber is soothing to the digestive system. Its calmative properties are helpful for curbing the thirst. It improves the digestion and help with weight gain.

How to use Thyroid Soothe Granules

The granules form of Thyroid Soothe is helpful in its administration to the cats. Simply take a large pinch of the Thyroid Soothe Granules and put it straight into its mouth. The granules are readily dissolved in the saliva. If the cat is fussy, mix it with its food or water.

The initial dosage is one large pinch of granules every 30 minutes for up to 10 times a day. Later, reduce the frequency to 3 times daily. Continue usage until there is considerable relief from the symptoms. Have the cat’s thyroid examined regularly to ensure proper health.

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