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Thyro-Pet To Support Healthy Thyroid Function In Cats

Thyro-Pet is a homeopathic supplement that can helps the cats maintain healthy thyroid and hormone levels. One of the troubling conditions in cats is hypothyroidism. It is a rare occurrence where the cat’s thyroid glands secrete less hormones which later cause many health problems. Thyro-Pet regulates the thyroid functioning and improves the hormone production. It helps maintain normal energy levels and keep the hormone range normal. Its an effective thyroid support that activates the thyroid glands to function proper and healthy to have enough thyroid hormones in the blood.

Hypothyroidism and its symptoms

The thyroid glands produce fewer hormones that are needed for the body metabolism. The lack of enough hormones affects the metabolic rate which is diminished gradually. This decrease will cause symptoms like lethargy or lack or energy, uninterested in activities, dullness, weak body, weight gain, hair loss, constipation, and cold temperature in cats.

The cause for hypothyroidism in cats is not specific. It can happen due to some diseases, iodine deficiency, and cancer therapy or as a side effect of surgery.

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What is Thyro-Pet

Thyro-Pet is a safe and effective natural remedy to maintain the normal thyroid levels. It is beneficial after the usual treatment for hypothyroidism and once the thyroid functions are back to normalcy. Thyro-Pet helps the glands to have a regular functioning without any fluctuations. It is important o maintain the thyroid levels as once it happens, it may happen again anytime.

Make Thyro-Pet a part of the daily diet. The ingredients in this formula will naturally regulate the vital functions in the feline body. The metabolic activities inside will be enhanced which will improve the energy levels. Slowly the cat will have its appetite back.

The manufacturing of this product is safe and the full spectrum extraction of the herbs reduces the chances of side effects. Thyro-Pet is non-addictive and is suitable to use for a longer period. The ingredients in this product are well now for its effects in the useful areas.

  • Fucus vesiculosis or Bladderwrack is a sea vegetable that has iodine content that triggers more thyroid hormone production. It is also a metabolic tonic to enhance the activities.
  • Astragalus membranaceous is a revitalizing agent for the endocrine system to have normal hormone levels. The blood pressure and sugar levels are also regulated by this herb. It is also beneficial for the immune system of the cats.
  • Eleutherococcus senticosis is used to raise the energy levels. Regular use of this herb will provide healthier immune system.
  • Urtica urens is a circulatory tonic to improve the circulatory activities. Increased blood flow will have more oxygen supplied to the cells to have more energy production. This herb also has many mineral contents and vitamins that can take part in the immune processes.

Using Thyro-Pet

Thyro-Pet is in tincture form that is mixed with the food or water of the cats. The dosage recommended is 2-3 drops administered twice or thrice a day. There is no time duration for its use. it can be used for as long or short as needed.

Thyro-Pet improves the overall health of the cats. It must be used consistently along with a proper diet. It should be used only after consulting with the vet. It can be used along with other drugs so never stop the use of any drug or reduce its dosage on your own.

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