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TF-Defense – Relieve Poor Liver Related Symptoms

TF-Defense is a homeopathic medicine that can be used after the cat is recovered from serious biliary or other parasitic diseases affecting the blood. Bothe these types of diseases causes the death of many red blood cells which lower the natural immunity of the cats. It takes more time to recover to normalcy. TF-Defense strengthens the weak immune system to be healthy. This way the cats will have better power over the infecting bacteria which might be trying for a recurrence. The red blood cell formation is also enhanced with this homeopathic TF-Defense.

Why TF-Defense

TF-Defense can be used along with a vet’s prescribed drugs. There are no side effects or drug interactions of any kind. The liver disease and blood infection will leave the cats with weak body and immune system. TF-Defense will aid in the natural restoration of the energy levels and the immunity in them. The production of new red blood cells will happen at a rapid rate to have faster recovery in all parts. More RBC will have better blood health. TF-Defense helps have iron absorption done normally to improve blood circulation and oxygen supply which increases the overall energy levels in the felines.

Tick-borne diseases are one of the rare but lethal diseases in cats. It takes all of the cats to fight these diseases. TF-Defense will have everything back in the system sooner to give the cats a better position in health. It also aids in the liver recovery process. Liver is the important organ that affects the immune system and its health has direct influence on the immunity.

TF-Defense ingredients

  • Cardus mar focuses on liver health and its restoration. This ingredient has abilities to attend to many issues of the liver. This ingredient does almost half the job done in the recovery process from the Lyme disease or other liver diseases.
  • Crotalus hor is effective remedy for liver hemorrhage or other ailments affecting the liver. it is also beneficial for septic infections and that causes the damage to the red blood cells. The liver disease and the damage to the red blood cells usually lead to jaundice and TF-Defense is able to prevent such situations and ensure faster recovery.
  • Ferrum phos is a biochemical salt that reduces inflammation or infection in any part of the body. This ingredient takes care of the iron absorption part and increase the blood health and circulation. The oxygen supply is also enhanced to the cells. It also strengthens the cell walls. It improves the cell’s ability to fight infection as well.
  • Aconitum nap is usually used for anxiety and mental shock. In pets this can cure the acute medical conditions like fever, panic attacks, anxiety etc.

Using TF-Defense

The duration for TF-Defense usage is 7-10 days. Initially it is given more frequently at every hour for a maximum 10 times. After 2-3 days reduce the dosage to only 3 times per day. Administer a large pinch each time and give the granules directly into the cat’s mouth. The sucrose makes a pleasant flavor and the cat will make less protect.

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