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Your cat is suffering from Hypertyroidism or Hypothyroidism and you are looking for natural treatment for thyroid in cats. Before you begin, be assured that you diagnoze the condition of your cat. Also be advised that self medicating on prescription drugs could be fatal to cats if your diagnosis is wrong. Always get a blood test done for thyroid conditions in cats to be on the safer side.

This section of the Cat Thyroid tablets deals with those related to hyperthyroidism and is not to be administered for cats with Hypothyroidism. The most common tablets for Cat Thyroid problems , Specially hyperthroidism is either methizole or carbimazole. Carbimazole is converted by the body to Methimazole and its effect is the same as Methimazole .

Thyroid Support Gold – Cat Hyperthyroidism Support

With administration of Methimazole or Carbimazole, you will see significant changes to the cats health in 3-4 weeks. The medication is inexpensive and controls thyroid disease effectively and can be stopped if there are any kidney related problems in your cat. Administration of tablet for cat thryroid problems dont require hospitalization and side effects are relatively uncommon (according to most vets). if there are no side effects in the first few months (usually 3 months) there are no chances of side effects in the future.

Considering the cats age, a cat usually is prone to thyroid problems after the age of 9. If Methimazole is administered and the cat indeed gets well (without any side effects for the first 3 months) chances that there be any side effects in the next 2-3 years are less. Very often, cats do not live more than the age of 12 if they have health issues from the age of 10. Side effects are ruled out in most cases due to the historical health conditions.

around 15% of all cats react to methimazole with adverse conditions. They tend to create kidney problems in some cats, Vomiting and lethargy are common in cats administered with Methimazole. once the medication is stopped there are no side effects.

Many of the vets from prominent websites like http://www.veterinarypartner.com/Content.plx?A=510 recommend alternative remedy for cats. Thyroid tablets for cats are harder to administer as opposed to the natural and alternative cures which are available currently.

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