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Spring Care Tips for Cats

Spring brings a cheerful weather that is warmer and gets rid of the cold winter son enough. The warmer weather brings trouble with it. Spring cleaning and special care applies for not just the home but the cats as well. The homes that have kitties need special cleaning and care. Spring is the best season to spring in some action to ensure that the cat is prepared for the warm weather.

Cleaning, grooming, garden cleaning, etc affects the well being of the pets. These actions can make both a positive and negative effects on the cats. To avoid any negative effects please know what they are and what are the measures that help overcome those drawbacks.

Start with grooming

As the initial step, trim down the hair of the kitty to make it look clean and fit. The warm weather can bring so many bugs as well. To spot them and to remove them, shorter hairs are easier. While trimming apply special care around the ears and nose. The ear area must be clear of any long hair as it may make way for ear worms.

Do not just stop at trimming, brush the coat daily to leave it look groomed and shiny. Spring is the time the kitties get out to explore the outside world. There are all chances they return muddy and dirty. Make sure they have a bath and don’t forget to clean their ears.

Don’t forget the vaccination

The diseases and bugs simply love the warm weather. Viruses, bacteria, worms, bugs etc star bothering the cats too often. There are vaccinations available that prevent the infection by most of these trouble makers. Contact your vet to know which one suits better and for what.

Age is no bar for vaccination; even older cats need vaccination as a barrier against many. An annual booster dose for them will do. It is better choose the spring time for many of them.

De-worming also must be done before the onset of spring. Roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, etc are all problem causing. De-worming must be done regularly in every 3 months and ensure that it is done when the cats enter the spring season, as an extra protection.

Now it is time for the home cleaning

While doing the spring cleaning, pay more attention to get rid of the fleas, mosquitoes, spiders, etc. Fool-proof your home against these insects when there are cats around. Fleas can attack directly. The mosquitoes can spread the heartworm diseases.

While cleaning the home, make sure that the cats or other pets are not inside the home. Send them out with someone for a walk or have them at a caring home. The chemicals used for cleaning and pest control are highly toxic to the cats. Not to mention the danger of choking or swallowing problems when the cats decide to have a taste of the plastic caps or other small items. It is better to keep them away while the cleaning process is on. If possible seek the help of professionals to have a thorough cleaning. after all the pets also need the same attention and care as babies.

Garden also needs special attention

Spring season depicts, new plants, colorful garden and gardening. Well, it is also the time when the cats prefer outside than simply being home. There many hazards that comes in the way of enjoyment for the kitties. The garden hazards that can affect the kitties are mulching, chemicals used on the lawns and garden, toxic plants etc. Many ready to use mulch available in the market are toxic to the cats. Even the slightest tasting of them can prove dangerous.

Along with these, the choice of new harden plants also plays a big role. There are many toxic plants that can cause side effects like vomiting, diarrhea, breaching problems etc in cats. Some are completely lethal. So care must be taken while choosing new plants or with the existing ones, especially if you are new to being the cat owners.

The seasonal allergies are another matter. Have a closer look at the kitties and visit the vet immediately if symptoms like frequent paw licking, scratching, skin rashes, hair loss, flaky fur, fluctuation in its drinking and eating habits, sleep disorders, lack of self grooming, coughing, sneezing etc. Though many of these symptoms may sound common and non-problematic, do not do a self diagnose, seek medical help to ensure that your loved one is fit, and fine.

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