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Soothing Relief For Dry Skin Felines

Soothing Relief

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Cats have delicate skin that is easily irritated by many sources. One of the most troubling skin problems is getting it dry. The dry skin makes the cat scratch more and the skin becomes flaky. The more the itchiness, the cats may be forced to pull out hair as well. Most often the fur/coat in some areas shed and the cat will have a patchy skin.

Soothing Relief from Wysong Corporation is an easy solution for dry skin in cats. It is a cleansing shampoo for the felines. Made with only natural ingredients, Soothing Relief is suitable to use daily without causing any more dryness on the kitty’s skin.

Why use Soothing Relief body shampoo?

One of the main causes of skin dryness in cats is the use of body shampoos made of harsh chemicals. These body shampoos cleanse the feline skin, alright. But in the process it robs off the skin its natural moisture, making it dry, flaky, and patchy. The dryness causes itchiness and the poor kitties suffer all the time. The constant scratching and licking are one of the main symptoms of dry skin in cats. The fur or coat also looks dull and rough. The kitties also tend to rub against you more often.

Soothing relief uses no chemicals and is made of only natural ingredients that provide moisture to the cat’s skin and are naturally soothing and protective. They have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties. The presence of honey is the main advantage of Soothing Relief.

Features of Soothing Relief Ingredients

  • Honey is a natural hydrating agent that helps restore moisture into the skin making it smooth and supple. It is a natural conditioner and conditions the fur very well, making it shinier. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects add to its benefits. The already dry and irritated skin will be soothed and the healing process is accelerated.
  • To aid in this soothing, hydrating, and healing process is the presence of Aloe vera. Aloe vera is anti-everything to make the skin healthy and smooth with proper moisture content. Aloe vera also helps restore the moisture and can be used daily on the cat’s skin.
  • Coconut oil soap is another ingredient that can prevent skin infections. Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer and serves well for skin and coat in cats.
  • Essential oils such as cedarwood oil, tea tree oil and citronella oil are made into a blend that can repel the insects that bother the cats. The odor of these oils will keep the mites, flea, and other bugs away from your kitty.
  • Other oils like olive oil and jojoba oil act as conditioners to the coat. Jojoba oil can exfoliate the flaky skin off giving a smoother finish to the skin.
  • Herbal extracts are taken from grape seeds, rosemary, sage, soapbark, soapwort, and yucca. Some of these extracts are antimicrobial; some have antioxidants that protect the cells and tissues from free radicals and sun damage. The soapbark and soapwort are skin conditioners and cleansers. Yucca extract is soothing to the skin irritations of any kind.
  • Gums taken from Acacia and Xanthan make a viscous liquid that can be lathered.
  • Other ingredients are colloidal silver that has been used in skin treatment for years, citric acid, mixed tocopherols, ascorbyl palmitate, vegetable glycerin, carbohydrate-derives surfactant and purified water.

Soothing Relief is available in 8 oz bottle. It is soothing and delicate on the cat’s skin so that it can be used daily as part of grooming.

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