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SlenderPet – Supports A Healthy Metabolism & Body Weight

If you thought that your chubby little cat is cute and healthy then you might be wrong. Obesity is not just for humans it affects the cats also. Even cats need to maintain a healthy weight all the time to stay fit and fine. SlenderPet is an herbal supplement that helps the cats to reduce weight naturally and maintain a healthy body mass.

The key to weight loss is a better metabolism to get rid of the excess fat and store the needed in the right places. This will automatically reduce the body weight in cats and they are able to lead a normal life without problems created by obesity or overweight.

Why use SlenderPet

SlenderPet can the first step towards a healthy weight management in cats. It is natural product with no side effects and more benefits. It is non-addictive so that it can be used for a long period without causing any problems in the felines. It helps enhance the natural metabolic processes and at the same time promote energy levels as well. The effects of this product are also visible in the skin and coat health of the cat as well.


SlenderPet can the first step towards a healthy weight management in cats. It is natural product with no side effects and more benefits.

How to use SlenderPet

SlenderPet comes in capsules. Only one capsule is used per day. Split open the capsule and use only one half at a time. Mix the contents of the capsule in the favorite food of the cat, preferably a wet food so that the contents are well mixed in it.

Top it with a healthy diet all the while. Do not give any fatty food to the cats and stick to low fat diet for them. Exercises also make a huge part in maintaining the healthy weight. Add more raw food into their diet. Make the dietary changes slowly and gradually. Reduce the portions one day at a time otherwise the intelligent cats will take notice and may not go well with the changes. The key to their weight loss is the owner’s patience.

Simply running around the house does not make a good exercise regime. Let them play with their toys for a long while. The cat owners must take some time out and indulge in these plays with them so that they endure this for longer or for as long as needed. They need to spend the energy stored inside them to have natural weight loss.

SlenderPet ingredients

  • Bladderwrack is an herb with multiple uses. It is a source of needed minerals and vitamins for the cats. These nutrients take part in the metabolic processes and enhance its performance. It urges the thyroid glands to produce more hormones that maintain the metabolic activities.
  • Turmeric is a natural detoxifier and can heal internal injuries. It is also a natural tonic that improves the vital functionalities in the living bodies. It produces more bile from the liver and have more dietary fat breakdown.
  • Milk Thistle is a liver tonic that helps secrete more bile and thus have more fat molecules broken down.
  • Dandelion with its nutrient content improves the overall health from the skin and coat to the vital organs’ functions. It balances the body fluid and avoids water retention which adds to the body mass.

Please note that even SlenderPet cannot reduce much weight, the weight loss is healthy as long as the cats stick to their BMI which is determined by their breeds. Have a talk with the vet before giving this to your cats to know how far you can go.

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