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Sinu-Rite Relieves Symptoms of Acute Sinusitis

Sinusitis is the inflammation happening in the sinuses or the air chambers above the eyes. Humans are not the only ones who suffer this problem; cats also are the target of this. This inflammation triggers nasal discharge and the prolonged inflammation can lead to bacterial infection. Sinu-Rite is a homeopathic remedy to reduce the symptoms and avoid the complications. The acute sinusitis is caused in cats by inhaling bacteria or fungi.

Sinuses are kept clean by the mucus that moves the particles and pathogens out. But when the cat suffers from cold there is lot o mucus secretion that blocks the sinuses leading to its inflammation and infection in due course. Sinu-Rite helps reduce the inflammation and clear out the passage for the drainage and also reduce the excess mucus secretion.

Role of Sinu-Rite

Sinusitis in cats is usually treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. They are effective in reducing the symptoms and relieving the problem but cannot offer a long term solution as it may happen again. These kinds of drugs will slowly affect the natural immunity of the pet and weaken it.

Sinu-Rite is a homeopathic formula that offers long term relief and is also safe to use for longer period. It can be used along with the prescribed medication and once the sinusitis is under control, Sinu-Rite can be continued to use as a maintenance dose for a long time. It is non-addictive so that when the pet owner decides to stop its use, he may do so without a second thought and there will not be any troubles.

When to give Sinu-Rite

The usual symptoms of sinusitis are sneezing, loss of appetite, continuous nasal discharge, difficulty in breathing air etc. Sinusitis requires a vet’s treatment and Sinu-Rite forms the supplementary dose. It relieves the sinus congestion, chronic sneezing, and nasal discharge. The cat will have pain over the face from the pressure of the congestion and that pain is also relieved with Sinu-Rite. The breathing becomes easier. Sinu-Rite also promotes immune health and do not affect it negatively.

Sinu-Rite ingredients

  • Nat mur is used for relieving the breathing difficulty, watery discharge from nose, frequent sneezing and excess mucus flow.
  • Pulsatilla can promote healthy mucus secretion and reduce its thickness to have free flow and clearing the nasal and sinus passage.
  • Kali bic clears the thick nasal discharge, restore the smelling ability, allows easy breathing, chronic sneezing etc.
  • Glycyrrhizza is a natural expectorant.
  • Sambucus nig is used for dry cough and nasal blockage.

Sinu-Rite administration

Sinu-Rite is in tablet form. It can be given either directly into the cat’s mouth or crushed and mixed in its food or water. The dosage is 1 tablet of Sinu-Rite 3-5 times in a day depending on the severity.

Sinu-Rite when used along with immunity & Liver Support provides better immunity to cats and for respiratory health improvement use it along with Respo-K.

Other ways to support the cat during sinusitis

An allergic reaction may trigger the nasal blockage in cats. The most common reasons for the same are parasites, fungus, bacteria or viruses etc. Keep the cats safe from these common allergens. Clean the home frequently. Do not take you kitty out to a polluted area. Use fewer medications and use natural remedies as much as possible. Using natural remedies help improve their immunity.

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