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Shed No More Plus Hairball Control For Cats

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VetApprovedRx is founded by Dr. Barry Miller, a trusted veterinarian in his community. He has over ten years of experience in treating pet animals in his small animal hospital. To give his expertise knowledge about pet health and condition and help pet owners treat it, he launched VetApprovedRx an online pet medication store. All products sold here are prescribed and used in the veterinary clinic and are proven to be safe and effective for pet. Pets such as dogs and cats are more likely to suffer from gastro intestinal tract problems as they keep on eating unsuitable things. VetApprovedMeds has a large collection of pet medication to help in various types of gastro intestinal disturbances. Hairball is a common problem in cats. At this online store you will find a variety of medication that helps eliminate or prevent hairball. Shed No More Plus Hairball Control for Cats is one of the medications offered to help cat reduce or stop shedding coat hair. The brief details about this product are discussed in the article.

Shed No More Plus Hairball Control for Cats contains a special blend of natural oils, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. This blend is helpful in effectively reducing and in many cases stops non-seasonal shedding of hair in cats, while helping to prevent and eliminate dangerous hairballs problem. This product is recommended by veterinarians and breeders alike. Shed No More Plus Hairball Control for Cats is the complete formula that will reduce unwanted shedding without affecting the normal seasonal shedding cycle. It comes in a tasty fish flavored sprinkle capsules form and is available in 60 capsules pack.

Shed No More Plus Hairball Control Ingredients and Guaranteed Analysis

The per capsule Ingredients and Guaranteed Analysis of Shed No More Plus Hairball Control for Cats are:

  • Proprietary Blend [flaxseed meal, borage oil, fish oil, evening primrose and sunflower oil] 225 mg
  • Lecithin 150 mg
  • Zinc 1.50 mg
  • Copper 0.50 mg
  • L-Taurine 15 mg
  • Vitamin A 300 IU
  • Vitamin D-3 12.5 IU
  • Vitamin E 6.01 IU
  • Slippery Elm Bark 25 mg
  • Papain 10 mg
  • Pancreatin 10 mg
  • Psyllium Husk 35 mg

Shed No More Plus Hairball Control Uses

Kindly follow the below mentioned instructions for using Shed No More Plus Hairball Control for Cats:

  • Take 1-2 capsules per day and mix it with food and give it to the cat.
  • If the cat is on a dry food diet, mix a small amount of water to the food, so that the medication sticks to the food.
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