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Safety Zone – Herbal Calming Cat Spray

Vet Classics Safety Zone Natural Herbal Calming Cat Spray

Safe Zone is a cat calming spray that emits the feline pheromones. The feline pheromones create a sense of safety and well-being for the cats. It helps them identify the surroundings as familiar. Using Safety Zone spray in the cars, crates, and carrier will keep them feel home and they stay quiet and calm all the while. The effect of this spray lasts longer that helps calm the cats even in a lengthy journey.

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Cats are very sensitive creatures that are prone to anxiety too fast. A slight change in the surroundings would make them alert and anxious. The anxious cats are more trouble with upset stomach, biting, scratching etc. With The Safety Zone spray these problems are kept under control.

What is Safety Zone spray?

Pheromones are hormones secreted by the facial glands of the cats. When they rub their face against an object these pheromones are transferred to that surface. It makes those objects familiar to them by its scent. The same is used by the Safety Zone spray with its pheromone content. When this is sprayed into the cars, cages, crates, condos, pet beds, etc will make those objects familiar and a sense of calm takes over the felines and urges them to stay quiet as there is nothing to fear about.

Safety Zone – Herbal Calming Cat Spray ingredients

The active ingredients used in Safety Zone spray are a proprietary blend of extracts if feline pheromones, rosemary oil, sodium sulfate, thyme and purified water.

Benefits of Safety Zone Spray

Usually pheromones are used to calm and train the pets. Here the same is used to install a sense of well-being in them. The simulated pheromones in this formulation are safe and work the same as the natural pheromones produced by the felines. The fresh and light fragrance of this spray will help the cats find comfort, no matter where they are.

An unexpected guest, while travelling, with fireworks outside, thunderstorm will no longer bother the cats. You will be surprised how calm they can be when the same situations would have made them jumpy at the slightest provocation. For these conditions the Safety Zone spray can be mixed with their drink or food as an extra support for having them composed and under control.

Safety Zone – Herbal Calming Cat Spray Directions for use

Safety Zone spray should not be sprayed directly on to the cats. Spray it around the area which the cat is going to be. Enclosed and confined areas such as carriers, cars, and crates must be sprayed at least 5 minutes prior to the entry of the cats. Spray it into the air and avoid spraying directly on to the floor. Excess liquid lying around should be wiped clean.

Cautionary notes

  • Safety Zone spray should not be sprayed on to either pets or on people.
  • Accidental spraying in to the eyes of the pets should need a thorough cleaning with fresh water and seek medical attention immediately.
  • Testing before using on fabric and linens is recommended to avoid staining and other damage.
  • It is used only as a temporary remedy to curb the fear and anxiety in cats. It is not part of any treatment methods.
  • Store the bottle away from heat, in a cool and dry place.

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