Cats are highly energetic creatures. They also are easily bored and quite difficult to get them out of their boredom. Cats love toys that they can chase, explore or that they can take down. All these toys helps them pass the time and spent their energy, but at the same time could be proven dangerous for them. Though there are any number of toys available for the cats to play with, the safe ones are rather rare. All toys can be potential danger to the cats in one way or the other. There only are few of them that can actually be called safe toys.

Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

Fishing pole is one the of the entertaining cat toys that are also safe for them. The pole could be set a few feet above and let the kitten play with it. It makes a convenient toy to leave the cat unattended with. Keep the string shorter and have the flexible pole at a convenient height.

Balls that are of medium size are the safe bet for the cats to play with. The ball size should be larger than the cat’s mouth is all that you need to care for. Choose a good quality plastic to avoid any sharp edges. Having numerous light weighted balls in a large container makes a fun area for the cats to play. Leave the kitten inside the box and let her catch the balls.

Catnips are the most popular cat toys. There are a variety of catnips available that can fascinate the cats. You could even buy those that disguise the cat’s favorite items. The one that my Daisy loves is the toilet paper plush. She loves to unroll the toilet paper and to annoy me to death. With this toy, she can unroll it any time she wants and I can always fix it faster. It’s nothing but 4 square felt scrap that can attach with Velcro. You could also make it one of your own. Use the old tissue paper roll and cut a few squares of any sage cloth and attach it to form a roll.

What you need to avoid in the name of cat toys

  • Never give the cat or let it play with the knitting yarn.
  • No broken toys for the cats as the sharp edges can bleed them.
  • Keep all the small sized items out of the cat’s reach. No matter what it is, keep them away as you do when you have a toddler.
  • Plastic bags can choke them if they swallow; never let them play with it.
  • Snip off the handles of the paper bags, if that fascinates your cat. Paper bag itself is safe but nit its handles.
  • Cats love to tear apart things and stuffed toys attract them more. Stuffed toys are dangerous stuff for cats. In case they swallow the stuffing, it could be disastrous.
  • Finally, no toys are toxin free. There would be some amount of toxic substances in the toy. Leave all those cheap quality toys out and choose only good quality ones.

As much as the cats love to play with toys, their best time pass would be to spend some quality time with you. If you could spend some time with them, you could avoid so many dangers from the toys and also have the love of your kitties.