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RuniPoo Relief A Herbal supplement For Feline Bowel Functioning

PetAlive RuniPoo Relief, 59 ml

The healthy outcome of a healthy digestive system is proper and normal bowel functioning. The same is applicable in the cats. RuniPoo Relief is a herbal supplement that ensures regular bowel movements and make the poop firm.

Cats do not have a specific bowel movements pattern. Only the characteristics of the poop are used as criteria. The cat poop should be of deep brown in color and is not too hard or soft. There would be some nasty smell but not too foul. Any difference in these should be noted and take necessary steps to correct them. RuniPoo Relief is one of the easiest and natural ways to healthier bowels in cats.

The conditions that affect the normal bowel functioning in the cats are diarrhea and constipation. These conditions may arise even after a healthy digestive system. Dehydration and dietary changes may trigger them. RuniPoo Relief is one remedy that assists to restore the healthy bowels in cats and erase the constipation or diarrhea.

RuniPoo Relief helps optimize the bowel movements and maintain the stool formation and its characteristics. It is soothing to the stomach and relieves any irritation. It is also helpful in promoting better digestive tract and installing the necessary conditions for the same.

RuniPoo Relief ingredients

RuniPoo Relief is 100% herbal formulation and uses only two herbs. The herb used here are plantain and lady’s mantle.

Plantain is used as a diarrhea remedy here. It helps firm the stool and make it easier to form a mass than being watery. It is soothing to the digestive system and relieves anal itching and other troubles in the cats as well.

Lady’s mantle may be effective in supporting the hard and form stools. The tannins in this herb will have secretions from the digestive tract to form a soothing layer over its lining.

RuniPoo Relief dosage

RuniPoo Relief is in a handy liquid form. The herbal extracts are made into comfortable liquid drops that can be easily dropped into the cat’s food, water or directly in their mouth. Adding it to the food will not alter the taste and the cats will have them without even knowing. The frequency of dosage is 2-3 times in a day. Each time give them 2-3 drops and you are done.

The cats will respond in different ways to RuniPoo Relief. Some will have quick response and other may take a little while before showing improvements. RuniPoo Relief will have an overall effect in the cats that will assist in many other ways. It works better if given along with Digestive Support from PetAlive.

There are many cat owners that use it as part of a maintenance program to continue the healthy digestion and bowel functioning in their kitties. A single bottle wil last for a month and to use it as a maintenance dose as well, it is better ordered on auto-delivery service option that assures delivery of the RuniPoo Relief at regular intervals preferred by the customer.

The use of RuniPoo Relief as a maintenance dose proves that it is completely safe for all the cats. Since RuniPoo Relief is non-addictive, stopping the dosage anytime is acceptable and it will have no side effects on the cats.

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