Ringworm is a fungus that affects the skin of the pets. Cats affected by this fungus will have skin lesions, itching and redness. Ringworm infection is contagious and might affect the other pets in the house or may even spread to the humans. Ringworm Relief will provide relief from the symptoms that bother the felines. The itching and redness around the affected areas will subside soon to give the cats soothing effect.

Ringworm Relief is a holistic approach to reduce the symptoms by supporting the skin health. Healthy skin itself can find its own defense to resist the ringworm and other fungus. It protects the cat’s skin from inside out. Since the skin infections are seen more in cats that have weak immune system the homeopathic and natural ingredients in Ringworm Relief will find a way to strengthen the immune system or at least give it enough support to have a stronger defense to reduce the symptom intensity.

Ringworm relief for ats

Symptoms of ringworm infection in cats

These symptoms are seen around the ears, forelimbs and on the head. In extreme cases the ringworm infection can lead to patchy hair loss over the affected area. The cat’s hair will shed in circular areas and rings. Ringworm Relief reduces the scaling and dryness on the skin.

How cats affected by ringworm?

The fungus causing the ringworm is present on the hairs of the affected cats and their spores are also scattered in the fur. When the cat sheds its hairs that have the spores and it falls on other cats, spread the disease. The spores may also fall on the grooming tools, or bedding as well. These spores are highly resistant and may stay alive for up to 2 years. Younger cats and cats with long hairs are more prone to the infections.

Ringworm Relief comes into the picture

Ringworm Relief is made with herbal and homeopathic ingredients that are diluted.

  • Apis mellifica is effective to reduce the infection and heals the skin from inside out in that order. It deals with the internal injury and then takes care of the external skin problems like itchiness.
  • Asafoetida and Bacillinium are common remedies used against ringworm infection.
  • Graphites is usually used to treat fungal infection and since ringworm in another fungus it works well against this as well.
  • Muriaticum acidum and Phytolacca decandra are herbs that have effects against ringworm and works naturally.
  • Sepia is one of the leading remedies for ringworm. In Ringworm Relief it forms a major fighter to reduce dry scaly skin and the itchiness.
  • Thuja occidentalis leaves are effective remedy for ringworm. In general it is an anti-fungal herb that can fight the fungus.
  • Urtica urens can cure the skin eruptions after the ringworm attack and the itchiness and dryness that follow.

Ringworm Relief usage

Ringworm Relief is a spray able liquid form. After priming the bottle, spray 2 sprays into the mouth of the cat or into its food 3 times a day. This formula is safe for all cats regardless of its age. It causes no side effects and do not take part on any drug interactions.