“Vigor is a state of complete harmony of the mind, body and spirit”

Do you use aromatherapy for your body?? But you might be worried to share this amazing product with your pets. Thoughts might be coming to your mind like which oil I should use?? how much should I apply?? In humans this aromatherapy helps to stimulate the immune system. Besides it offers many other beneficial physical and psychological properties.

Essential oil For Cats

  • This is a blend of biological active and powerful components.
  • Oils have the ability to reduce anxiety, battling toxins, fighting fungi, bacteria and viruses. They also have a wide variety of adverse effects. Since they contain vast amount of contaminants.

Essential Oils For Cats

Cats metabolism

Cats metabolize things in a different way, compared to other animals. Their liver do not have the necessary enzymes required to break down certain chemicals. Hence, this makes the liver unable to recognize certain substances. This gets stored somewhere and leads to tumors, toxicity and imbalances in the body.

What else is different in your kitty

They have thin skin. Thus, they have strong disregard towards strong odors. Cats are sensitive to certain oxygenated compounds like ketones, phenols, monoterpenes and carvacrol etc.

General tips

  • Apply oils by diluting heavily (with a pure vegetable oil) in the ratio of 50: 1.
  • Take some oil in your hands, pet your kitty smoothly ears to tail.
  • Always use this oil in minimum quantity.

Here are some examples of essential oils which should be used with caution

  • Ketones( contain 20% ketones): Tansy, Spearmint, Davana, Idaho, Peppermint, Dill.
  • Phenols( contain 8% phenols): Anise, Basil, Tarragon, Calamus, Cinnamon Bark, Nutmeg, Citronella.
  • Oils containing D-Limonene: Orange, Lemon, Tangerine, Angelica, Neroli, Nutmeg and Citronella.
  • Oils containing Alpha-pinene( contain 15% Alpha-pinene): Myrtle, Pine, Cistus, Spruce, Rosemary Verbenon, Nutmeg.

Here are some of the other essential oil which are safe

  • Cedarwood Essential Oil: This is a good oil containing the highest amount of sesquiterpenes. Cedarwood helps to relieve stress, since they stimulate the limbic system of the cats brain.
  • Frankincense Essential Oil: This is known as the oil of Labanon (having spiritual connection). Beneficial to maintain a healthy immune system. Stimulate the area of the brain that control emotions.
  • Helichrysum Essential oil: This oil has fruity smell with honey. Highly beneficial for the skin, liver and nervous system.
  • Geranium Essential oil: It has a sweet rose like fragrance. Imparts relaxation to the cats mind and body.
  • Lavender Essential oil: You can say,” one of the multifaceted oil of the nature”. Enables relaxation to the body and mind.

Oils which can be used for different ailments

  • Skin Health: Bath your kitty in a mixture of lavender and roman chamomile. Look for the appropriate dilution.
  • Ear Health: You can have warm fractionated coconut oil mixed with lavender to clean the ear.
  • Calming: Try a blend with rosewood, blue tansy and spruce for courage (dilute 80-90%).