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Resultix Spray For Cats

Bayer Resultix Tick Spray (0.65 oz)
Resultix Spray is a treatment for facing the tick attacks faced by the cats. It can remove and kill the ticks that are attached or crawling on the skin of the cats. This is an effective product that will also help to prevent ticks attacks. It can be used on cats of any age or size. Handling with this product should be careful as being a pesticide it can cause harm to the eyes, cloth, skin or any other part in contact with.

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A bottle of spray will last for around 200 sprays. The Resultix Spray is also available in a 20 ml bottle.

The treatment works in a way that after the Resultix Spray is sprayed it will dissolve to remove the outer wax covering of the hard shell cuticle of the tick. This will lead to uncontrollable water loss which will eventually lead to the death of the ticks.

Resultix Spray – Application and Use Instructions

The Resultix Spray is only for external use and should not be brought in contact with the eyes or skin of the cat. In the case of skin irritations or skin infections, discontinue the usage of this product and consult your vet immediately. The directions of use are as follows:

  • Remove the cap of the Resultix Spray and hold the bottle in an upright position.
  • When you see the tick, spray onto it directly. Give 2 sprays of the solution until the tick is wholly covered.
  • The ticks will be dead within 3 hours. It will either fall off the skin of the cat or stay immobile so that you can dust it off.
  • If the ticks haven’t fallen off after 3 hours then you can put on gloves and pick up the dead ticks and dispose of them well. You can use tweezers to pick up these ticks.
  • Collect the dead ticks in a seal-able plastic bag and place it in the outdoor of the dustbin.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after usage. If there has been any accidental exposure to the ticks or Resultix Spray, wash your hands well with soap and water.

Resultix Spray – Storage and Disposal

Proper storage ensures for a long lasting of the Resultix Spray. The storage and disposal of the Resultix Spray should be done in such a way that it does not contaminate the water, food or feed of the cat in any way.

  • Storage: The Resultix Spray should be stored in a dry place. It should not be exposed to extreme heat and cold and should be kept away from open flames. The container should be tightly secured and tightly closed when not using. It should be stored in its original containers and away from the food or treat of the cat. The temperatures in which this spray should be kept is either between 59o F to 86o F or 15o C to 30o C.
  • Disposal: The disposal and handling of this pesticide should be well taken care of. Once it is fully used, dispose of it well in the trash or you can give it for recycling. The empty container should not be reused or refilled. If the Resultix Spray is still half filled, do not dispose of it off in any indoor or outdoor drain. It is very harmful to all living organisms.

Resultix Spray – Cautions

The Resultix Spray should not be brought in contact with the eyes, skin or clothing. There are chances of it causing irritations on the eyes and skin. If irritations occur, wash it off thoroughly with water and soap.

Always wash your hands before and after the use of the Resultix Spray. After the use, you must wash with soap and water, especially if you are going to eat, drink, chew gum, use tobacco or even use the toilet.

Resultix Spray – Environmental Hazards

There are certain environmental hazards mentioned for this product. The directions of use, storage and disposal should be followed well to make this product harmless from the environment.

  • The contents of the Resultix Spray should not be discharged into the lakes, streams, pond, estuaries, oceans or any other water bodies. Being a pesticide, it is toxic to the invertebrates and the fishes.
  • The directions and instructions of use given should be followed as it is; otherwise, it is a violation of the rule as per the Federal Law.

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