Resthyro is a natural medication. Its more of a diet supplement. Have you ever had pills or a certain kind of diet to loose weight or gain weight? Has your doctor recommended a particular diet in the past for some disorder? Resthyro is similar to the same. Side effects for most natural medication is literally negligible. Yes you may have instant reactions. Like certain people are allergic to Nuts and if nuts is inculded in the diet, you will obviously have problems. But these problems cannot be considered as side effects. Side effects are long term, usually not noticable in the beginning. Allergies to certain products usually turn up immediately and you can see them almost instantly or in a day or two.

NHV Resthyro Liquid Drops – Natural Hyperthyroidism Support for Pets

Resthyro for Cats is a 100% natural dietary supplement which provides relief for hyperthyroidism in cats. Hyperthyroidism in cats usually affect not just their thyroid but also their entire system. The excess thyroxin excreted in by the thyroid creates hyperactivity in the cat. Resthyro for cats is the best medication for hyperthyroidism in cats.

Final thought and research says that Resthyro does not come up with any side effects. But always bear in mind that resthyro is not to be administered on Pregnant or Lactating cats. Always consult your veterinarian before any self medication for they may know if your cat may react adversely to the medication.