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Purrfect fence – Cat Proof Fence Extension

Purrfect Fence

Purrfect Fence is a cat fence extension that can be used as a fence or to add an extension to the existing fence of the house.

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As much as we have domesticated the purry creatures, they are not made for indoor life. Cats need to get outside frequently and have a ‘normal’ life. But the modern world may not allow them free access to the outside world. You have to fear for their safety. The Purrfect Fence is a cat proof fence extension that keeps them in the premises and does not allows them to jump outside the border.

It keeps them safe from the traffic, other cats, predators, and other possible dangers. The cats can freely ‘roam’ around and enjoy the outdoors.

What is Purrfect Fence?

Purrfect Fence is a cat fence extension that can be used as a fence or to add an extension to the existing fence of the house. It can be used to modify the existing fences to make it car proof. Purrfect fence is mostly customizable. It is affordable and cost effective to keep the purry friends safe and secure. They could be installed without compromising on the beauty of the homes.

These cat fence extensions are mesh type in make but are invisible to the human eye when viewed from a distance of 15-30 ft so that the beauty of the house is kept intact. The cat proof fences can accommodate the access gates, support posts and even the ground stakes for the custom enclosures.

How does the Purrfect cat fence work?

There are 2 types of enclosures from the Purrfect fence. The fence is made of heavy duty mesh that has a springy effect. This spring effect would keep the cats inside the fenced area. Even if the cats managed to reach the top of the fence, the weight of them would bend the mesh fence and it bends inwards to make the cat jump ‘inside’. When the cat’s weight is released, the fence goes back to its original position guarding the yard.

Cat fence extensions options

Free standing outdoor cat fence enclosures

As the name indicates, this is a free standing mesh wall that protects from the ground-up. This suits the agile cats that are difficult to contain. This system has the cat proof extensions that use the spring action, more length, and a convenient form to keep the cats in.

This mesh cat fence is 7 ft in length but it stands at 6 ft with the one ft of the mesh fence curved inwards, forming a mini roof. The mesh is strong and withstands the weight of the cats. When the cat climbs up and reaches the end of the 6 ft height, the mesh would become springy and lowers itself to the ground to safeguard the cats.
The kit comes with all that is needed. You will find,

  • Installation video-DVD
  • Written instructions and parts list
  • 8 posts of 80” long with powdered coated steel
  • 8 sleeves that are 24” long made of 16 gauge steel
  • Driving cap
  • 16 self-tapping screws
  • 1 10mm driver bit
  • 8 post caps
  • 8 cat proof arms
  • 1 extra duty heavy fence of 7.5’ x 100’ mesh.
  • 8 set screws
  • 1 chew guard
  • 200 heavy duty ties
  • 400 light duty ties
  • 60 ground stakes
  • 1 free standing cat containment system of 100’

Existing fence cat enclosures

The existing fence cat enclosure converts the existing fence into cat-proofer. Here the mesh wired system is added to the top of the existing fence. The fence extensions stand on arm pivots from the fence and stay invisible even to the neighbors.

These cat fence extensions could be used on 3 ft wall fences to the fences that are as high as 5 ft of higher. The shorter fences would need an extension to raise their height first and then install the cat fence extension. There are zip ties to secure them to the lower portion. The existing fence cat enclosure kit contains,

  • 12 cat proofer arms made of galvanized steel with mounting brackets measuring 3 x 3 inches. These arms project from the mounting at 31 inches.
  • 1 100 ft roll of 4 ft high mesh fence made of polypropylene. It is UV stabilized and had an addition of UV stabilizing chemical additives.
  • 100 standard zip ties
  • The weight of the package would be 34 lbs in total and comes with 2 boxes.

Cat fence extension kits

All of the cat fence extension kits come with a necessary number of posts to erect the fence around the yard. There would be a maximum number of 100 posts with the kit.

Each of the posts can be set apart about 14 ft from each other. These posts are required at every turn in the yard that you want to make. Each kit comes with a default number of 8 posts in it. Measure your yard and calculate accordingly to have enough number of posts for your needs.

There is also a 2-post kit that has everything in the double. It has 2 sets of the entire assemblies that come with the default kit. It saves you more money than having to buy the necessary accessories individually.

The default kit contains arches, sleeves, posts and all the necessary hardware. The 2-pots kit will have double of all of these.

Do note that the post kits include NO fence in it. It contains only the posts and needed accessories. The fence comes as a separate kit.

Who can use Purrfect cat proof fence

The Purrfect cat proof fence can be used by homeowners as well as by the cat shelters and rescuers. IT suits anywhere that has a larger yard to secure. These cat proof fences are flexible and customizable to make it suitable for every need. It can be used for the square shaped areas as well as for the free shaped yards with too many twists and turns.

Cat proof fence reviews

Purrfect cat proof fence is popular in the country homes where the area is vast to keep track on the cats. This has helped many homeowners to let their cats have a healthy outdoor life without getting into troubles or dangers. The fence has been aesthetically pleasing to many, without compromising the beauty or attraction of the place.

Lynne feels that this cat proof fence has helped her cats to enjoy their newly moved in cat cottage. The fence is wonderful and blends with the landscape. These are what made her happier.

The cat fence extensions have been used by many in the US as well as in Canada. People find this solution a lot better than confining their cats indoor all the time.

The reviews show that the fencing is at an affordable price but not cheaper. The ease to install is another highlight of these cat proof fences. The invisibility of the fence gets more points on the way.

Buy Purrfect cat proof fence

The Purrfect Cat proof fence is available in the US, Canada, and UK as of now. The international shipping is not known for this product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attach the cat proof fence to the wooden fence?

Yes, you can. You can use the wooden screws and mounting brackets to secure it to the fence. You might need some washers if the screws are smaller in size.

Can I secure the mesh directly on to the wood?

Yes. You can use a staple gun to secure the mesh directly to the wood fence. You may need staples that are 3/8” long for this purpose.

Is there any instruction manual with the cat proof fence?

Yes, there is a written instruction manual and a DVD with the product. You can also find these instructions online along with a few animation videos.

Do I need anything additional to secure the mesh to the wall?

You may need the adaptation product to attach the mesh material to the PVC or vinyl fencing wall.

I find some cats coming INTO the fenced area. What do I do?

In this case, you may add an additional fencing at the top of the existing fence that is facing outwards. This way, these cats when coming up will have to jump down on the wrong side again, keeping the original fenced area secured.


The Purrfect cat proof fence is an ideal and natural way to keep the cats within the premises, without making them feel like jail. They can safely enjoy the outdoors and do not have to worry about the stray cats or predators anymore. The price is also affordable and the mesh material is softer in the cats.

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