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Psoriasis In Cats & Treatment

Surveys and studies report that many pets have recurring bouts of scabs, scratches and hair loss in the present era. It longer remain as a self solving problem for the cats. In such cases the chances for cat psoriasis is more. Therefore do not wait for such instances, meet a veterinarian as soon as possible. If you meet a veterinarian as early as possible, it will be both easy for your cat and the doctor to handle it easily.

Defendex is a skin soothening shampoo that will help in getting the condition of psoriasis in a better manner. This product has reported no side effects and helps in smoothening the skin and aids in skin protection.

Derma-ionx is another homeopathic product that will help in treating the symptoms of psoriasis in cats. These products are free of negative effects and you no longer have to fear the working mechanism as it comes with 60 days of money back guarantee.

VETiONX Derma-IonX

Both defendex and derma-ionx are products of Vetionx which focus on a holistic approach for treating various disease conditions in your pets. These products claim to be completely safe and most of them follow a pattern of treating the disease by removing the root cause. Reviews of the users of these homeopathic products have proved completely safe in pets. Visit for more details of this product.

What Exactly Is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a noncontagious skin disease that can cause skin to be thickened and scaling of their skin. The dry scales occur due to the rapid proliferation of the cells of the skin. This condition can also get triggered due to the release of inflammatory chemicals from the abnormal lymphocytes that are present in the blood. Some pets will also have this condition in a very mild form that will not be enough to suspect a medical condition in your pets. Most of the symptoms of psoriasis will worsen at winter seasons.

Psoriasis can affect pets of all ages and all kinds. The cats that are suffering from psoriasis will often have a diminished quality of life. Studies have shown that there will an other related medical condition along with psoriasis in your pets.

What Are The Causes Of Psoriasis In Cats?

The studies related to causes are still progressing and still is a mystery. The cause of psoriasis remains still unknown. But there are many predisposing factors related to this which includes genetic and environmental factors. Some defects in the immune system can also contribute in causing psoriasis.

HOW DOES PSORIASIS LOOK LIKE? Psoriasis will appear reddish or pink areas which is thickened and scaling. This mostly affects those areas that are common to trauma, friction or constant rubbing.

DIAGNOSING PSORIASIS IN PETS: If you suspect anything unusual or a change, you should observe it well and report it to a veterinarian as early as possible. This will help both the pet and the doctor to detect the status of the condition and help in recovering pets from it. Your veterinarian will do physical examination along with checking the medical history of the pet. In some severe conditions, lab tests, skin biopsy and x-rays will be necessary to rule out the condition.

IS PSORIASIS A CURABLE CONDITION? To be straight in answer- it is NO. Ongoing researches are in progress to find a perfect treatment as soon as possible.

IS PSORIASIS A CONTAGIOUS CONDITION? Most of the people fear of skin disorders being contagious one. But you can safely exclude psoriasis from your list. Your pets who are suffering from psoriasis cannot transfer it by touch to other pets. Hence hugging your cat or showing your love need not be stopped because of this fear.

Home Remedies For Psoriasis

There are many medications or topical, moisturizers, shampoos that are available to get a relief from the psoriasis discomfort.

  • Some experts have suggested a salt bath that has proved a great relief for the pets.
  • Keep your pet neat and free from fleas and ticks.
  • Keep their surroundings -bed and the bowl free of germs.

PROGNOSIS OF PSORIASIS: The prognosis of those people who are under proper treatment and care are reported to be good. Though Psoriasis is not curable, it can be controllable to a certain extend.

IS THERE ANY COMPLICATIONS THAT PSORIASIS CAN BRING TO MY CAT? Recent studies show that psoriasis can bring complications like heart disease. Hence get it treated with a veterinarian as soon as possible for your pets.

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