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Promaxol – Pain Management

Promaxol is a one of the pain management methods that can be easily adopted by you to relieve your pet’s pain. This is very easy and simple to use. This can be used in conditions like pain, sprains, cramping, arthritis, stiffness, sensitivity, troubled mobility and inflammatory conditions. This product is completely safe and can be used for all sorts of cats from the very sensitive ones and to old aged pets. This product is completely natural homeopathic medication. This can be completely used safely as it has no risky chemical drugs present in it. This product is completely free of fuss and is completely free of powders, pills and nasty flavors. This product utilizes both internal and external approach- internally doses and externally applied in the problematic areas.

This homeopathic product will not cause any side effects like vomiting or nausea. This homeopathic relief will not cause any kidney, liver or adrenal gland damage to any of the parts.

In Which Conditions Can Promaxol Be Used?

This homeopathic product is a pain management technique that can be used to get relief from pain. The product can be used in pets who have been troubled with aches, soreness, stiffness, injuries, arthritis, hip dysplasia, sprains, strains, swelling, and pain. Inflammation, stiffness, soreness and swellings.

Ingredients Used In Promaxol

Actaea spicata, aesculus hippocastanum, arnica Montana, bellis perennis, bryonia, calcerea fluorica, causticum, cimicifuga racemosa, formicum acidum, hepar sulphuris calcereum, hypericum perforatum, lithium carbonicum, magnesia phosphoric, phosphorus, phytolacca decandra, pulsatilla, rhus toxicondendron, ruta graveolens, salicylicum acidum, sepia, silicea, sulphur, zincum metallicum.

The other inactive ingredients that are used are citric acid, potassium sorbate, purified mineral water.

The ingredients used in this product has completely undergone the process of identification and tested for purification before adding this to the product. Each ingredient is verified by experts before undergoing the process of purification.

Each of the above mentioned ingredients of proxamol contain equal volume of 10x.20x.30x and LM1.

A point to be noted is that this is an OTC medicine which is not intended to replace any of the medications that has been prescribed for your pets for pain management.

DIRECTIONS TO USE PROMAXOL: Prefer using a plastic dropper while giving such products to your pets. Squirt the homeopathic liquid into your pet’s mouth. Make sure that the liquid doesn’t touch any of the borders of the pet’s mouth. If touched, wash it thoroughly and dry it with a tissue paper. If you couldn’t supply your pet the homeopathic product in this method, you have another solution here. Take the appropriate dose and dispense it pets bowl. Make sure that the bowl is a non metallic bowl.

Storage Of Promaxol

Same like other homeopathic medications, this product should be kept in a safe place, free of reach of children or other pets or animals. Cap it tightly after use and avoid storing it under direct sunlight. This product is only for animal use. In case of accidental consumption, do not hesitate to meet a doctor as soon as possible. Avoid using this product in humans who require pain management. Make sure that you use this product within 60 days after opening the product.

HOW LONG WILL THIS PRODUCT LAST? One bottle of proxomol will last for about 1 month, if your pet is below 90lbs.

WHAT WILL MY ORDER FOR PROMAXOL CONTAIN? When you place your order for promaxol through the official website-, your order will be delivered with one bottle of promaxol that contain 4oz.

DOES THIS PROMAXOL CONTAIN ANY GUARENTEE? This product comes with 60 days guarantee.

IS THERE ANY OFFERS AVAILABLE WHILE PURCHASING PROMAXOL? This pain relief product comes with various offers. The most popular option that is available in the official website is when you buy two bottles of promaxol you can get it for about $$51.95. The best value option that they provide is when you buy 3 bottles of promaxol you will get one bottle absolutely free of cost. So 4 bottles for $89.95. When you but one bottle of promaxol of 32 fl oz you can get it for only $158.00. This offer is recommended for those who own a large or multiple pets that require pain management.

ON SHIPPING: This product is shipped internationally. For domestic shipping it will cost $6.95 and for internal shipping it will cost only $14.95. Please note that the shipping can vary in bottle size, shipping option and the quality.

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