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ProHepatic – Liver Support In Pets

Prohepactic Liver Support Supplement for Cats

It is the responsibility of the pet owner to maintain their pet animals such as dogs and cats in good health always. To maintain pet’s well being several type of pet medications and supplements are offered in the market.

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VetApprovedRx is a veterinarian owned online pet medication store that offers medications and supplements that aids in cats and dogs various health conditions such as allergies, ear or eye problems, gastro intestinal problems, heart and liver problems and many more. It provides ProHepatic a type of antioxidant supplements for liver support in dogs and cats. Read on to know more about the entire details of ProHepatic.

ProHepatic is a liver support formula designed for dogs and cats. It does not contain SAMe which reduces side effects and contraindications. In addition, it is especially beneficial for pets taking NSAIDs. The free radicals occurring in the cell pathology of almost all liver diseases damages the oxidation and membrane of the pet. ProHepatic is a potent antioxidant formulation which offers liver function support and protection from several causes of liver disease, including oxidation. The key ingredient included in it is Siliphos, which is a complex of silybin. It also includes the main active constituent of milk thistle, and phosphatidylcholine. This bio available form of silybin is capable in supporting glutathione levels and ProHepatic contains nearly three times the amount as compared with other veterinary liver support supplements. ProHepatic is offers in two packs namely, 30 cnt bottle for Cats and Small Dogs and 30 cnt bottle for Medium and Large Dogs.

ProHepatic – Liver Support Benefits

The benefits of ProHepatic are:

  • This milk thistle-based liver support can be given with food
  • It causes fewer side effects or contraindications than compared to SAMe
  • This product is particularly beneficial for pets taking NSAIDs
  • It is the most competitively priced potent antioxidant supplement

ProHepatic – Liver Support Ingredients

ProHepatic are the vegetarian beef and cheese flavored chewable tablets. The main ingredients of ProHepatic are silybin, Bioflavanol and Zinc. The content mg of each is:

In Cat and Small Dogs:

  • Silybin 45mg*
  • Bioflavanol 10mg
  • Zinc 1mg

In medium and large dogs:

  • Silybin 90mg*
  • Bioflavanol 20mg
  • Zinc 2mg

*Silybin content is up to 3 times the amount compared with other veterinary liver support supplements.

ProHepatic – Liver Support Dosage

ProHepatic can be provided to pet on daily basis. Apply the below suggested dosages:

Dosage for Cats and Small Dogs are:

  • 1 – 15 lb. body weight – 1 tablet
  • 16 – 30 lb. body weight – 2 tablets

To administer the above dosage you can also offer small tablet or crush them and mix with food for easy ingestion.

Dosage for Medium and Large Dogs are:

  • 16 to 30 lb. body weight – 1 tablet
  • 31 to 60 body weight – 2 tablets
  • 61 lb. + body weight – 3 tablets

ProHepatic chewable tablets can be easily offered to cat directly, or can also be crushed to mix with feed.

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