Profender For Cats

Profender For cats

Profender Topical Solution for Cats is a topical dewormer that controls and treats the worms present in the intestine of the cats. The different types of worms treated are hookworm, roundworm and tapeworms.

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Profender for Cats – Working

Once the Profender is applied onto the skin of the cat it is fully absorbed. The skin absorbs this medicine through the hair follicles and then enters the bloodstream. The functions of the active ingredient present in the Profender formula mix are mentioned below:

  • Emodepside: The Emodepside present in the Profender is transported to the intestine and it performs the function of killing the ringworms and hookworms present in the intestine.
  • Praziquantel: Once this ingredient enters into the body it is transported to the liver. In the liver the Praziquantel is converted into an active form. These active praziquantel kills the tapeworms present in the intestine.

Profender for Cats – Directions to Use

The dosage level and administration would be different for the cats of different body weight. This is because their needs and requirements vary depending on the size. As per these dosage levels you can purchase the quantity of the product accordingly.

The application of the Profender Topical Solution is very easy and quick to apply. It comes in a ready-to-use tube which provides this convenience. The directions of use are as follows:

  • Take out a dose tube from the package depending upon the requirement of your cat.
  • Hold this tube in an upright position and take off the cap from the tube.
  • Now you have to turn the cap over and place the cap’s other side onto the tip of the tube.
  • Once this is done, twist the cap and break the seal open.
  • You can then remove this cap from the tube.
  • After all these are done, you can start applying the Profender Topical Solution onto the skin of the cat.
  • You can to apply this solution onto the bare skin of the cat. For this purpose, you must part the hair on the cat until the skin is seen. The parting can be done at the back of the cat’s neck at the base of its head.
  • Now place the tip of the Profender Topical Solution tube on the skin of the cat and squeeze its contents directly onto the skin. This ensures that the required amount of contents is applied on to the skin of the cat.
  • Before you release the pressure on the tube, lift is away from the skin.

Profender for Cats – Warnings

  • If your cat has a broken skin, do not apply the Profender Topical Solution.
  • This solution should not be applied onto the wet hair.
  • Make sure this solution does not come in contact with the mouth or eyes of the cat. When it comes in contact with the mouth, it may cause salivation and vomiting in cats.
  • You should also not allow the cat to lick the area where the solution is applied for an hour.
  • If you are applying the Profender Topical Solution on more than one cat, make sure these cats do not get in contact and lack each other application.
  • The Profender Topical Solution is only for animal use and should definitely be kept away from children. Even do not allow the children to stay in the area around the cat when this solution is being applied onto them.
  • This product can be purchased only with a vet’s prescription.

Profender for Cats – Things to Note

  • Cats who have a weight of more than 17.6 lbs should be given the treatment with the right combination of the tubes.
  • The Profender Topical Solution should be given to only those cats that have a weight of at least 2.2 lbs or 1 kg and ages more than 8 weeks.
  • Do not worry if you observe a stiff hair, slight powdery residue or a damp appearance to the hair at the time of treatment as this is common. They are temporary effects and would not affect the cat negatively.
  • If your cat shows signs of mild depression, loss of appetite, diarrhea and vomiting you can understand that the cat has worms and should be given this dewormer after consultation.

The Profender for Cats is also available in the following quantities:

  • Profender Green 2.2-5.5lbs
  • Profender Orange 5.5-11 lbs
  • Profender Purple 11-17.6 lbs
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