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PetFlex cohesive bandage has bitter principles in it so that the cats will hesitate to bite, chew, or lick it. Wounds when healing is irritating and becomes itchy. Anyone would have an urge to scratch and that can reopen the wound delaying its recovery period. To avoid it, the bitter principles on PetFlex help big. This bitter bandage prevents the chewing and tearing problems of the bandage. It is bitter to taste that the kitties may not prefer. The bandage stays in place.

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PetFlex No Chew Bandage Features

The PetFlex bandage is easy to tear and apply with hand. There is no need for a scissors to cut it to size. It has special no chew bitter print over it. The PetFlex is water and sweat resistant and will not come off on its own. It is stronger than other bandages, soft to touch and comfortable.

Petlex is a non-constrictive bandage that stays in its form throughout. It will not stick to the hair or fur of the bets and sticks only to itself. It compresses comfortably without slipping away. It can also be reused later. It can fit into any shaped part. The shape of the bandage stays intact even while bandaging.

Safety of using PetFlex No Chew Bandage

PetFlex causes no irritation on the cat’s skin. It is safe for humans also. Though it is safe, it may leave residue on the skin. Wearing gloves would be recommended when applying the bandage. Also wash the hands thoroughly afterwards.

PetFlex No Chew Bandage Available sizes

PetFlex is available in three sizes. The size may be chosen as per the requirement. The available sizes are 2, 3, and 4 inches. It is suitable for small pets. The given sizes refer to the width of the bandages and the length of each roll will be around 15 yards.

Where to use PetFlex?

PetFlex can be used over the wound dressing so that the cat will not tear it apart. It is used to stabilize the catheters, can also be used as a compression bandage after a declaw procedure. It is useful for bandaging small pets like cats, little puppies, rabbits etc.

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