Arthritis In Cats

PetAlive MJA Cat Care

MJA Cat Care

MJA Cat Care is a natural pain reliever for the cats from the joint pain, soreness, stiff and swollen joints etc. These loved kitties can suffer this kind of pain as they grow older. MJA Cat Care can provide soothing relief from the discomforts. It is safe to use on the cats and is non-addictive. Which means the usage can be stopped anytime without troubles.

MJA Cat Care is in a convenient spray form. It not only relieves the pain and soreness but also help strengthen the bones and joint tissues. It can cure the damaged cartilages also.

MJA Cat Care ingredients

MJA Cat Care is made with the extracts of many useful herbs and some elements that have been used in many homeopathic preparations.

  • Actaea is a rheumatism remedy that reduces joint swellings.
  • Arnica is a muscular tonic and relieves the muscle pain and soreness in the limbs.
  • Hypericum is a nerve curative and can reduce the darting pain in limbs while moving.
  • Bryonia remedies the joint soreness with its anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Aesculus is a pain reliever.
  • Bellis is used for muscle sprains.
  • Causticum is effective in relieving the pain, soreness, and good for the joint health.
  • Cimicifuga racemosa is helpful in alleviating the cramp like pain muscle soreness.
  • Formicum, and Phytolacca are useful to improve the joint health and relieve the discomforts.
  • Ledum palustre is used to cure the shooting pain in the foot and limbs. It is also a natural remedy for rheumatism.
  • Lithium, Calcarea, Magnesia, phosphorus, and Sulphur are good for the bones and joints. Magnesia is anti-spasmodic and strengthens the muscles.
  • Pulsatilla, Rhododendron, Ruta, Rhus and Salicylicum can cure the throbbing, tearing pain of the muscles and joint tissues.

MJA Cat Care dosage

Depress the pump so that it is primed before the first use. Hold the bottle near the cat’s mouth and administer 2 sprays into the mouth or add it into the food or the water of them. Give the recommended dose 3 times a day.

MJA Cat Care is suitable for cats of all ages and is especially helpful for older cats. There are no side effects and drug interactions so that it can be given with other prescribed drugs that the cat is already taking.

There is no question regarding its effectiveness and shows the relief right from the first dose. When administered consistently the cats will have a better time with its muscles and joints. Many cat owners are using MJA Cat Care as part of a maintenance dose for continued health of the muscles.

Do not give the MJA Cat Care if the pet is pregnant or is nursing its little ones.

Muscle and Joint health in cats

Cats suffer muscle sprain and injury which tear their ligaments that cause pain and makes it difficult for them to move that part. There will be swellings. The tendons in the paws are the most vulnerable muscles in cats. Injury at this part causes temporary lameness and pain while moving it in any ways.

MJA Cat Care relieves the cat from these discomforts naturally. The bunch of ingredients, all known for its effects in curing muscle problems, works well to give faster relief to the felines.

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