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Perio Support Powder For Dental Health In Cats

Perio Support Powder

Perio Support is one the most convenient way to maintain and promote good dental health in cats. It comes in a powdered form for easy administration, simply sprinkle the required amount over the food. It is made to support the periodontal health of the pets.

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Perio Support is formulated for daily use and is active between the meals. It is served along with the food but works in the between time. It helps control plaque and inhibits the plaque causing bacteria. By using it daily, maintaining good dental health in pets will not be tough anymore.

Active and inactive ingredients in Perio Support

  • The active ingredient in the Perio Support powder is natural zeolite. Zeolites are minerals that can act as natural detoxifier to get rid of unwanted bacteria from the system. It removes plaque and prevents its formation.
  • Cranberry has antioxidants that can protect the gum tissues and make it more resistant to damage and bacteria. It can destroy the trouble making bacteria.
  • Yucca shidigera extract can break down the enzymes that destroy the gum tissues.
  • Taurine is an amino acid that when combined with zinc forms a greater force to prevent plaque formation and bacterial growth. It can also promote stronger gums in cats.
  • Zinc can penetrate the bio-film plaque and oxidize it to remove from the teeth surface. By destroying plaque layer it refreshes the breath as well. Zinc is included in the form of Zinc ascorbate.
  • Good bacteria like Lactobacilus acidophilus and Enterococcus faecium restore the bacterial balance that naturally fights the odor causing bacteria. It can also reduce the plaque and support gums.
  • Vegetable fats are added to make the other ingredients stick to the teeth surface and perform their duties.

The inactive ingredients form the dried whey, fenugreek seed extract, sodium sulfate, glucose monohydrate, whey solids, yeast fermentation soluble, anise oil, and extracts from dried microbes such as Aspergillus niger, A. oryzae, Bacilus subtilis, Lactobacillus casei, L. fermentum, L. plantarum etc.

Using Perio Support

Using Perio Support is simple. Sprinkle a teaspoon full of the Perio support powder and mix it with the food. The food is preferably wet so that the powder is readily mixed in. once the bottle is opened refrigerate it after every use. Remember to close the lid tight every time.

Caution while using Perio Support

  • Perio Support may not be safe for pregnant felines.
  • Always serve it along with the food or immediately after to avoid any gastrointestinal disturbances.
  • Perio Support is not a health supplement but is only meant to have a healthy teeth and gum tissues.
  • Perio Support is to be used only for dogs and cats.
  • Care must be taken to avoid over dosage. Refer the bottle label and administer only as recommended. Serving it more will not do any benefits but can sure cause unwanted complications. In case of accidental over dose, seek immediate medical attention.
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