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PDG – A Natural Appetite Stimulator For Anorexic Felines

PDG For Cats – Nutritional Supplements By Wysong

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PDG is a food supplement for felines to improve appetite. There are many cats that are anorexic- having less appetite and eating less, resulting in malnutrition. PDG contains predigested nutrients in it that are easily digested inside the feline body. This will encourage good appetite and improve their immunity. Basically, PDG improves the cat’s digestive system to have proper nutrition and thereby improving their appetite. The undernourished state of the cats will gradually turn into a healthy body with regular use of PDG.

What causes anorexia in cats?

There are any reasons why the cats feel the loss of appetite. The prominent that can be easily cured are the common anemia, some bacterial infection, tooth decay, feline diabetes, food poisoning, stress, viral infection etc. The main reason for these is poor immunity. The immune system is highly dependent on the digestive system to absorb the proper nutrients and supply it to secrete antibodies and other functions. To have proper digestion the main ingredient needed for food which is lacking in the case of anorexic cats. They don’t eat well to have proper digestion.

PDG contains a few predigested ingredients such as proteins, fats, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that the feline body can easily absorb and utilize to restore the body functions. Slowly these ingredients will work on improving the cat’s appetite and they start eating well soon enough. This shows a major improvement in their growth and health.

What does PDG contain?

PDG contains carefully processed concentrates of meat and organs of chicken and fish. These are sources for protein, fats, and other nutrients. in addition to the meat there are vegetables, probiotics and enzyme supplements included. The collective effort of these will have the digestive system of the cats in proper line. The immune system also gets a boost that shows in fewer infections or allergies. The cats also show improved energy levels and are visible energetic. PDG contains

  • Enzymatic digest of chicken and fish
  • Chicken
  • Coconut milk protein and egg whites
  • Diatomaceous earth
  • Vegetables and plants such as psyllium, carrots, garlic
  • Probiotics and enzymes from fermented Aspergillus, Enetrococcus, Lactobacillus, Bacillus
  • Yeast culture
  • Montmorillonite clay

Feeding PDG

PDG is not age specific. It can be fed to cats of all ages. The ingredients are in a concentrated form which is dehydrated and powdered. It can be easily mixed with the wet food of the cat. It can also be made into a paste with a little warm water to force feed the felines, if necessary.

PDG should be used only as an intermittent supplement and not as a daily supplement. It naturally improves the cat’s appetite and enhances the palatability of the commercial cat food.

The usual feeding method is to sprinkle the dry PDG on to the food. The quantity is one teaspoon for every 15 lbs weight of the cats. The recommended quantity is for daily servings when administering it in many meals; reduce the portion accordingly so that the collective amount is the recommended limit.

Additional Note

Anorexia is a serious issue for cats. Do not do self-diagnosis and treatment, take the pet to the vet, and seek the required treatment if needed. PDG can be used as a supplementary feed to improve the cat’s health naturally and also supply the necessary nutrients to compensate for what they were lacking for a while.

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