It is seen in some pets such as cats and dogs that their pancreas does not produce enough digestive enzymes which put pressure on digestion in pets. The only solution to this problem is pet medications such as Pancrezyme powder. This useful formulation, apart from several other similar options is sold online by VetApprovedRx. Read on for complete details of Pancrezyme Powder.

Pancrezyme Powder is used to treat pancreatic insufficiency or problems in digestion syndrome. This product is useful for pets whose bodies are not making a sufficient amount of pancreatic enzymes. This formulation is an enzymatic concentration that is derived from porcine pancreas. It contains standardized lipase, amylase and protease as well as nucleases, peptidases, esterases and elastase. This helpful powder will aid digestion in both dogs and cats.

Pancrezyme by Virbac 8oz Powder
Pancreas is a part of endocrine system in the body. In addition, it also produces insulin and glucagon hormones as well as produces digestive enzymes that help in digesting food once they reach the small intestine.

Indication – Pancrezyme Powder is for use in animals with short of exocrine pancreatic secretions. It works as a digestive aid in enzyme replacement therapy where digestion of carbohydrate, protein and fat is insufficient.

Pancrezyme Powder Benefits

The Benefits provided by Pancrezyme Powder are:

  • It gives the most effective treatment for Pancreatic Insufficiency Disorder (PID).
  • It helps restore healthy weight in pets. Pancrezyme Powder is often seen that weight loss is related with PID.
  • This medication is FDA approved for use in cats and dogs
  • It is available in two convenient packs, 12 oz Powder and 8 oz Powder

Pancrezyme Powder Ingredients

The active Ingredients contained in Pancrezyme Powder, each teaspoonful i.e. 2.8 g are:

  • Lipase 71,400 U.S.P. units
  • Protease 388,000 U.S.P. units
  • Amylase 460,000 U.S.P. units

Pancrezyme Powder Dosage and Administration

  • The dose is suggested on the basis of the severity of the condition and the weight of the pet.
  • It is advisable to mix Pancrezyme Powder very well with moistened food canned or dry and allow it to remain at a room temperature for about 15 – 20 minutes before feeding the pet.
  • It should be frequently fed minimum 3 times a day is important.

Average Powder dosage is as under:

  • For Adult dogs: ¾ -1 teaspoonful with each meal.
  • For Adult cats: ¼ – ¾ teaspoonfuls with each meal.

Pancrezyme Powder Possible Side Effects

Pancrezyme Powder may cause certain side effects as under:

  • Over dose or High dose may cause diarrhea, cramping, or vomiting. If you notice any of these, immediately contact your veterinarian.
  • It is likely to cause mouth irritation if it is not mixed well with moistened food and allowed to incubate at room temperature.
  • If you see any signs such as facial swelling, abrupt occurrences of diarrhea, hives, vomiting, scratching, shock, seizures, pale gums, cold limbs, or coma, your pet might be experiencing an allergic reaction to the medication. Stop administrating the product instantly and contact veterinarian.
  • It is recommended no to be used in animals with hypersensitive allergic to pork products.
  • Prior to and during treatment with pancreatic enzymes, it is necessary to consult your veterinarian for physical examinations and laboratory testing.

Drug, Food and Test Interactions

Pancrezyme Powder may interact with certain drugs and supplements. Hence, consult your veterinarian before using pancreatic enzymes with any other medications, such as antacids, cimetidine as well as vitamins and supplements. Also interactions may occur for other histamine H2 receptor antagonists’ medications which are used to decrease stomach acid. Use of antacids may decrease the effectiveness of pancreatic enzymes.

Precautions: Stop using Pancrezyme Powder in cats having symptoms of sensitivity.

Cautions: Please note that the Federal law restricts this medication to use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian.

Pancrezyme Powder Human Precautions

Certain Precautions as mentioned below should be followed by you for using Pancrezyme Powder:

  • Humans inhaling the powder by mistake may cause an asthma attack or irritation to the lungs.
  • If the powder comes in contact with skin may irritate or burn it. Wash immediately if you get this powder on your or your pet’s skin.
  • Ensure to wash hands thoroughly after handling this medication.

Purchasing Pancrezyme Powder from VetApprovedRx requires a veterinarian prescription. While checking out you will be asked for your veterinarian’s Fax number or email address. Upon receiving this details prescription verification will be send to veterinarian that he or she will sign and return after which the product can be ship to you. To place your order instantly, click on the link: