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Otisol- Water Soluble Ear Cleaning Aid

Otisol O by Wysong

Wysong Otisol is a natural way to clean the cat’s ears. This water soluble ear solution has antiseptic properties to expel the microbes from inside the ear and also possess tissue healing aids that promote quick healing after infections, if any.

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Ear infections in cats may lead to hearing loss and Otisol is one natural way to prevent this condition. There are many reasons why the cats may have ear infections and one of the prominent reasons is ear parasites and microbial invasion. Bacteria and yeast both can cause the infection especially if there is a parasitic bite.

The antiseptic property of the many components in the Otisol solution helps kill these infection causing microbes. It also promotes quick tissue healing to have clean and hygienic ears in cats very soon. These ingredients also help prevent future infections, with regular use.

Ingredients in Otisol

Otisol consists of only natural ingredients like herbal extracts, essential oils, and emulsifiers. Otisol is water soluble and has purified water as its base. The emulsifiers used here are methyl sulfonyl methane, cocaminodopropyl betaine, sodium coceth sulfate.

  • PEG-6 caprylic glycerides and decyl polyglucoside are also part of this composition. These ingredients help make a viscous solution.
  • The essential oils are taken from many sources. All these oils are known for its antiseptic activity and aroma it provides.
  • The emitted aroma is enough to expel the ear parasites out. The healing power of the oils covers up the wounds created by the parasitic bite. The essential oils used in Otisol are taken from castor seeds, peppermint, cajuput, wintergreen, juniper, cloves, olives, and eucalyptus.
  • Colloidal silver is also used here as it is a well known disinfectant that has been used for centuries. The chlorophyll has antioxidant properties to protect the ear tissues.
  • The herbal extracts used are, rosemary extract, citrus seed extract, and sage extract.
  • The other ingredients used in Otisol are ascorbyl palmitate and hydrogen peroxide.

How Otisol works

Otisol forms a layer over the ear epidermis that makes the pathogens living impossible. It forms a barrier that makes the environment intolerable for the invaded organisms.

Otisol comes in an easy to apply bottle. For cleaning the kitty’s ears, drop in the required number of drops into its ear canal. Massage the base of the kitty’s ears gently in a circular motion. The debris, dirt or the parasite inside will be immersed in the solution and it also helps the solution to reach more into the ears.

The dirt and waste in the ear would come lose and might also come up the ear canal. To clean up, use a small cotton ball and slowly wipe it out. Do not insert the cotton ball inside the ear. The massaging would bring the dirt up. If it does not, have a little patience and massage for a while with minimum pressure until the dirt comes up.

The excess solution can be expelled out by slowly tilting the kitty’s head and wipe it with a clean dry cotton.

When to use Otisol

Otisol can be used as part of daily grooming. Cleaning the cat’s ear should be part of keeping it hygiene. At the least, clean the cat’s ear once a week.

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