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Otisol-O, An Oil Based Ear Cleaning Solution

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Otisol O by Wysong

Excessive accumulation of debris, dirt, ear wax, hairs etc can cause infections in cats. These particles should be removed from time to time regularly. Otisol-O is an oil based ear cleaning solution suitable for cats. The oil-based product helps to remove the wax built-up which cannot be removed by a water-soluble solution.

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Otisol-O is carefully made with natural ingredients to have antibiotics, antioxidant, and other medicinal uses to come to the help of cats. Sometimes the parasites that bite on to the inner ear surface may cause the wound that turns infectious. While removing these parasites there has to be something that heals the wound and prevent the infection. These actions are taken by the ingredients in Otisol-O.

Ingredients in Otisol-O

  • Aloe oil is a natural cleanser that also has anti-inflammatory, anti-pyretic, and anti-biotic properties that all are used for the cat’s ears. This oil has the same pH as the skin so that it does not irritate the cats. It also aids in tissue healing by improving the blood circulation to the area.
  • Arnica oil on applying topical can reduce inflammations, bruises and possess anti-bacterial activity as well.
  • Chlorophylin reduces the odor from wounds and infections. For ear infections, it can both kill the bacteria and reduce the smell as well.
  • Citrus seed extract makes a powerful antibacterial agent that is far higher than any others.
    Clove oil is germicide, has anti-inflammatory actions, and kills bacteria.
  • Eucalyptus oil has a strong aroma with antiseptic properties.
  • Jojoba oil has antioxidant property and is also an excellent emollient.
  • Juniper is a nerve stimulant and has healing benefits on skin.
  • Olive oil is the base of this Otisol-O solution. It has skin renewal properties, in addition, to be antiseptic. It has vitamins and antioxidants also to play a significant role.
  • Vitamin E is added as a stabilizer in Otisol-O and Wysong Oxherphol made from vitamin E, tocopherol epimers, organic chelators, fat-soluble vitamin C, and natural botanical oleoresins etc.
  • In addition to these, there are oils taken from tea tree, almond, sunflower seeds, avocado, cypress, fennel, grapefruit peel, and rosemary. All these are added for their respective use of being antibacterial, antiseptic, and possessing anti-inflammatory activities.
  • Rosemary extract and sage extract are also added to boost the activities of the other ingredients.

Together these form an intolerable environment for the pathogens to survive and to get the excess wax out without causing troubles and irritations to the cat.

Directions for using Otisol-O

Otisol-O comes in a convenient bottle with a nozzle. Holding the cat’s earlobe, drop in a generous quantity of the solution into the ear. Gently massage the base of the ear to ease the solution deeper in. keep massaging so that the wax and debris is softened up and come loose from where it adheres. Dab off the excess, though there will be nothing much as the oil can penetrate deeper making it impossible to come out even if the cat gives a thorough shake of the head.

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