Cat mouth is not supposed to smell mint or vanilla, but it is not supposed to be stinky either. If your cat’s breath can make you wince, then you will need the OralHealth Mouth Spray to get rid of the bad breath. The bad breath in cats can arise due to many health problems. The primary reason in built up of bad bacteria in the mouth. Gum or dental problems are another reason for cat stinky mouth.

Cats cannot use mouthwash to freshen up, obviously. What we can do is to spray the OralHealth Mouth Spray into their mouth to have a healthier oral hygiene and to stop the bad breath. The ingredients in this product are capable of refreshing the breath and strengthening the gums and tooth. The bacteria that might be between the gums, teeth, and tongue and slowly cleansed out of their system to have an odor free normal breath.

Cats have their own mechanism to ‘clean’ their mouth naturally. Brushing their teeth is only an added advantage. Making them to the task of brushing their task is humungous and tiring. It is emotionally tiring to the cats as well. But the cleaning is necessary. OralHealth Mouth Spray can be part of this natural cleaning process.

Ingredients in OralHealth Mouth Spray

The ingredients in OralHealth Mouth Spray are all natural and mostly herbs. They together get on with the task to eliminating the waste from their mouth and from the whole system itself. They are celery, fennel, cleavers, and colloidal silver.

Ingredients like celery and fennel are natural odor eliminating herbs. Their aroma can freshen up the cat’s mouth and can also reduce the chance of bacterial growth which usually causes the bad breath. The fennel extract can improve the digestion in cats that ensures elimination of waste and toxins from the body.

Cleavers is another natural cleansing herb used in the preparation of OralHealth Mouth Spray. It has a honey like aroma that freshen the odor and also helps in waste removal. It can boost the natural immunity so that there are less bacteria growing in the cat’s mouth. Colloidal silver can promote the normal systemic functioning inside the body.

Using OralHealth Mouth Spray

OralHealth Mouth Spray is very convenient that evena kid can administer it to their kitties. It needs to be sprayed directly into the kitty’s mouth, 2-3 times in a day. Administer 2 sprays at a time.

There are no known side effects so far but look for any discomfort in the cat’s reaction. The cat may not like to have anything sprayed into its mouth so it might not be pleasant. Have check on it to see it does not show any kind of symptoms.

Usually the bad breath will be reduced within a week’s time on regular usage. The diet of the cat is also responsible for bad breath so know the right food for them and avoid any food that might trigger the bad odor.