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NurtureCalm Pheromone Collar For Cats

NurtureCALM 24/7 Feline Calming Pheromone Collar

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NurtureCalm pheromone collar for cats is a way of keeping them calm and quite when there I frequent crowd around or have a noisy neighbor. Cats can be fidgety when they get nervous or anxious. Under stressed conditions like loud noises, separation, visitors etc, it is difficult to calm the cats or kittens. It is their way of communicating that they do not like what is happening around. Giving them tranquillizers or medications every time is not advised. Though there are pheromone sprays, in an emergency you may not be able to go search for it.
Pheromones are the easiest way of calming the agitated cats and kittens. The NurtureCalm pheromone collar can be tied around its neck. The collar contains the pheromones and can take wherever you go with the kitty. It works better than the diffuser where the cat has to be within the vicinity to have its effect. This calming collar will be constant companion to the cats and keep them under control.

What is NurtureCalm?

NurtureCalm is a mimic of the pheromones produced by the mummy cats to calm their kittens. With this pheromone in the collar, the cats will have a natural way to calm themselves and behave well as well. These pheromones are a method for the cats to familiarize with things around. With the scent of it roaming around with it, the cats will have a more composed self wherever it goes.

NurtureCalm can be used while taking the kitty to the veterinarian, walking, while there are guests at home, travelling, and when you are going for vacation or in situations where the cat may have to stay back at home. It helps relieve the separation anxiety and will not make them nervous.

The NurtureCalm pheromone collar contains 6% of the pheromones and 94% inert compounds. The stability of the pheromones and its effects lasts for a good 30 days when kept at room temperature. It must be stored away from heat or sunlight.

Directions to use NurtureCalm Pheromone Collar

The NutrureCalm pheromone collar is 15 inches long and is long enough to adjust around the cat’s neck. The collar is adjustable. Place the collar around the neck and fit it loosely and then tighten it slowly. But make sure to leave enough space to permit the collar to move about. The general fitting should allow the collar to slide over the cat’s head, when fastened. Once the fitting is done, the excess length can be cut off, leaving 2-3 inches for future adjustment.

How the NutureCalm collar works?

NurtureCalm collar will release powder when it is applied around the neck. The powder will then activate the pheromones. The new collar will have excess powder on it, do not waste it and is ok to fall on the cat. This powder is the carrier of the pheromones and should not be wasted. It is not harmful for the pets.

Additional Tips

  • Seal the NutureCalm collar in a plastic bag to keep it fresh. The sealed environment keeps its freshness safe and does not allow contact with air outside.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after every use.
  • The Nurturecalm collar must be removed before washing and shampooing the pets. Re apply the collar only after the fur/coat is completely dry.
  • Do not use the collar around bruised neck or with lesions or inflammations.
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