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Nolvadent Oral Cleansing Solution

Nolvadent Oral Cleansing Solution (8 oz)
Nolvadent oral cleansing solution is a dental product to keep the cat’s oral cavity clean and hygiene. The cat’s mouth may not be sweet smelling but it shouldn’t be stinky and if it does, this Nolvadent cleansing solution will be a great help.

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The bad breath in cats is due to the formation of a thin film called plaque over the teeth and where the anaerobic bacteria thrive. The Nolvadent oral cleansing solution will rid of the plaque and breakdown these bacteria. It also removes the food debris from the teeth. It is this food debris that causes the plaque formation and a platform for the bacteria.

How Nolvadent oral cleansing solution works?

The Nolvadent oral cleansing solution has the active ingredient chlorhexidine acetate which has strong antibacterial property. The bacteria that cause foul smell are killed and the food debris is removed to prevent plaque formation. The peppermint flavor of the solution refreshes the breath. It brings better results when used as a daily maintenance. Ethyl alcohol and permitted coloring agent are also added in the preparation.

Using Nolvadent oral cleansing solution

The Nolvadent oral cleansing solution can be used as an oral rinse as well as by tooth brushing. For oral rinsing, Hold the Nolvadent oral cleansing solution bottle closer to the cat’s mouth, pull back the upper lip to expose the teeth and gum line. Squeeze the bottle gently and pour the solution over the teeth and gum, slowly. Apply the solution on all the teeth.

If needed a tooth brush may be used to spread the solution and clean the teeth thoroughly. In this case, take out a little of the oral cleansing solution in a small container. Dip the cat’s toothbrush into the solution and use it to brush the teeth. re-dip the brush when it dries out. While brushing, move in a circulator motion for best results. There is no need of rinsing after it.

Nolvadent oral spray Cautions

Nolvadent oral cleansing solution is used as an external cleaning agent and not for consumption. Although it may be swallowed in smaller quantity, overdose must be avoided in any case. Consumption of this oral cleansing solution in larger quantity can destroy the teeth instead of making it healthier.

Please note that Nolvadent oral cleansing solution is not a replacement for the regular brushing. This can be used after every meal to have a thorough cleaning of the teeth. It should be used in terms with the vet’s advice. Some cats may need frequent cleaning and others require only once or twice a day cleaning.

Additional tips

Using a toothbrush can prevent teeth staining. There is coloring agent added in small amount. While applying the solution may leave stain later on. Brushing will ensure cleaning of the food debris and also prevent accumulation of the solution anywhere over the teeth or gum.

It is better to avoid applying the Nolvadent oral cleansing solution on dry gums, wetting the teeth prior to cleansing would be recommended.

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