Mycodex All-In-One

Mycodex All-In-One Spray is an insecticide that is effective for treating all the pest infections faced by the cats and dogs. It acts as an insect regulator and deodorant that can kill fleas, adult fleas, flea eggs and treat the flea problems from its roots.

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the treatment of the flea action takes place very quickly whereas it take more than 3 weeks for the controlling the adult fleas and more than 3 months for controlling the flea eggs. Apart from all the variations of the fleas, the Mycodex All-In-One Spray is effective for treating and controlling ticks, flies, gnats and mosquitoes. It not only kills but allow for further prevention. This spray acts as an overall insecticide.

The waterproof product also has an egg control formula called the Nylar. Nylar is one of the constituent of the Mycodex All-In-One Spray Formula. The Mycodex All-In-One Spray is also available in a 16 oz pump spray bottle.

Mycodex All-In-One Spray – Directions of Use

  • Before spraying this solution cover the eyes of your dog very firmly.
  • With a fast stroke spray the Mycodex All-In-One Spray onto he head, ears, and chest of your cat. Spray it until the area is damp.
  • Now with your fingertips you can rub the solution onto the face of the cat that is areas around the mouth, nose and eyes.
  • Then you can spray the neck region, middle and hindquarters of the cat. As a finishing touch you can do the legs.
  • Spray the Mycodex All-In-One Spray directly against the natural lay of hair of the cat. This will allow for better penetration of the spray.
  • The Mycodex All-In-One Spray should be sprayed thoroughly until it wets the ticks

The process can be repeated every 3 weeks.

Mycodex All-In-One Spray – Side effects

Side effects are not common in for the Mycodex All-In-One Spray. Some cats might face sensitivities. It is occurs you can wash your cat with water and mild soap and then rinse it off thoroughly with large amounts of water. If there is no reduction in the condition, seek medical help immediately.

Mycodex All-In-One Spray – Cautions for Humans

  • Do not bring this spray in contact with the eyes. It is very harmful and can cause eye injury.
  • Do not ingest the Mycodex All-In-One Spray.
  • Avoid contact with the skin too. it is very harmful if absorbed through the skin.
  • Thoroughly wash your hand with soap and water after the handling.
  • Do not bring it in touch with the clothing too. it can cause contamination, so wash the cloths thoroughly with water.

Mycodex All-In-One Spray – Cautions for Cats

  • The safety of the Mycodex All-In-One Spray for cats in the pregnant stage or nursing stage is not stated. So if you want to give it to your pregnant or nursing cats, get the permission from the vet first.
  • Cats that are under medication or debilitated or aged should be careful when treated with this spray. Ask your vet first before you spray this for cats under these conditions.
  • The Mycodex All-In-One Spray should not be given to cats who are less than 12 weeks of age.
  • Avoid over saturation of this spray especially on cats.
  • Do not spray the Mycodex All-In-One Spray on the genital areas of the cat.

First Aid information is provided on the label of the container. Please read that well before the treatment with the Mycodex All-In-One Spray for cats.

You can purchase the Mycodex All-In-One Spray for your cat from the following website: