Caring for the cats is now easier with the help of Muscle and Joint Support capsules that ensures the good health of the feline muscles and joint cartilages. Aging and weak immunity can make the muscles and joints weak in cats that make the owners worried. The cats will not be able to move around easily and strained. Muscle and Joint Support is there to help with the muscles, cartilages, and bones to have smooth movements. It improves the liver health and proper functioning of the joints. It can be a natural remedy for feline arthritis, rheumatism, muscle stiffness, hip dysplasia etc.

What does Muscle and Joint Support do?

Muscle and Joint Support is made of natural ingredients that are capable of treating the feline arthritis, and other joint degenerative disorders. The limb movements in the cats will be better for those who had difficulty due to aging or the degeneration. The muscle stiffness is relieved with Muscle and Joint Support capsules. Swollen joints and inflamed areas will soon be history with this product.

Muscle and Joint Support can be preventive for hip dysplasia by strengthening the cartilages. It can help the liver with the natural cleansing of the whole system. the liver boosting property in Muscle and Joint Support improves the liver working. By regular usage of Muscle and Joint Support, the symptoms like stiffness in limbs, stressed climbing of the stairs, reluctant exercise, irritability due to lack of movements and favoring of a particular limb etc in cats are relieved beyond satisfaction.

Muscle and Joint Support ingredients

The all natural Muscle and Joint Support is made of herbs and amino acid.

  • Devil’s claw has anti-inflammatory property which is helpful in alleviating symptoms of arthritis and joint swellings. It is especially a boon for older cats that have more troubles and difficulty to get back to normalcy. It can be a natural remedy for muscle stiffness as well.
  • Spirulina is a natural bank of amino acids that are needed for muscle health. It helps with muscle repair and can retain body iron. The discomforts in cats due to muscle injury or inflammation will be soon healed by the amino acids in Spirulina. It can also boost the immune system and maintain the muscles and joint health naturally.
  • Lecithin is an emulsifier that has antioxidant properties that protects the tissues and cartilages, stimulate the immunity, and take part in tissue repairs.
  • Glucosamine sulphate is another element that supports the cartilage that protects the joints.

Muscle and Joint Support dosage

Muscle and Joint Support capsules can be administered fully or open and mix the contents in the food or water for the cats. The dosage for cats is half a capsule two times in a day.

Muscle and Joint Support may not be advisable to take along with other anti-inflammatory drugs. You may need to talk to the vet before trying this product over the prescribed drug. This can be used as a primary treatment method before the drugs or supportive after the prescribed course is over.

Muscle and Joint Support capsules are effective as it is, and can relieve the symptoms and may prevent a few muscle and joint problems in cats. But care and caution are called for this product. Use it as a single method. It does not have any side effects when used alone. Consistent use of 3-6 weeks brings major difference in the cat’s health.

Muscle and Joint Support is a natural product, it will not do any harm to the pet if it is tried before any chemical drugs, unless the situation is worst.