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Minocycline For Cats

Minocycline Hydrochloride USP 50mg

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An antibiotic that can be given to cats for treating and fighting against the attacks from bacteria is known as Minocycline. It is an FDA approved a drug in the generic category. But nevertheless, you must consult your vet before giving this medication to your cat.

This product provides treatment to the following types of infections faced by cats:

  • Urinary Tract Infections – When a cat is suffering from a urinary tract infections it will start experiencing pain while urinating, the frequency of urination will either increase or decrease, the occurrence of blood in the urine, discoloration in the urine and so on. These symptoms can be relieved with the help of Minocycline.
  • Respiratory Infections – The respiratory infections affects the cats in their nasal region and throat region. Upper respiratory symptoms are common in cats and Minocycline provides treatment to that. Some of the symptoms are sneezing, congestion, cough, fever, and runny nose, shortness of breath, irregular nasal discharge, and oral ulcers and so on.
  • Skin Infections – The Minocycline is also effective for curing the skin infections and all the symptoms faced by the cat. Some of the skin infection occurring in cats is the abscess, contact dermatitis, flea allergy dermatitis, food allergy dermatitis, feline acne, ringworm, stud tail, sunburn, and skin patches and so on.
  • Severe Acne – Just like humans, cats also suffer from acne. Some cats suffer from severe acne. All the variations of acne can be treated by Minocycline. Chin acne is a type of acne is can occur in cats of any ages. It makes them itchy and painful and leads to hair loss and redness in those areas.
  • Gonorrhea – A bacterial infection that affects the reproductive tract is Gonorrhea. It causes miscarriage, uterine infections and even infertility problems in females. It also attacks the palms, soles, and toes of the cat. The Minocycline aids in the treatment of all these.
  • Chlamydia – Chlamydia is a bacterial infection commonly found in the mucous membranes such as eyes, nose, mouth and in the urogenital tract. A serious form of Chlamydia can cause problems like infertility, abortion and inflammation in the cats. All the variations of Chlamydia can be treated by Minocycline.
  • Tick Fever – Tick fever is caused when the cats are bitten by the ticks. It causes irritation, redness, itchiness and even swelling of the bitten area. Your cat will start feeling very discomfortable and even shows signs of it. They also tend to scratch a lot which is bad for the skin. You must understand these symptoms and immediately consult your vet and provide the cat with Minocycline.

All these types of infections are caused because of the attacks by bacteria and virus.

Minocycline – Warnings and Cautions

The Minocycline should not be given to cats who are either pregnant or in the breeding or nursing stage. Even if you want to, ask the permission of your vet first. This is because in case any drug interactions take place it will affect not only the mother but also the baby. There are cases where these interactions have caused permanent tooth discoloration.

This should be kept away from the reach of children.

Consult your vet before taking Minocycline, especially when the cat has suffered from any liver disease, kidney disease, asthma, allergies and so on.

Also when taking Minocycline does not take the following two hours before or after the consumption of this medication: iron supplements, multivitamins, calcium supplements, antacids or any laxatives.

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