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Mini Urine Finder UV LED Light

Urine-Off Urine Finder Light

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The Mini Urine Finder UV LED light is only one of its kinds. It produces black light- a light that is invisible, that illuminates the dried urine stains. This light uses 9 bright and discrete wavelength UV-LED bulbs which can create a powerful beam that is lengthier.

The black light have the UV rays emitted from it which is of low intensity and harmless to the surroundings. This UV light when falls on the stains will make them fluorescence. The fluorescent illumination of the urine stains and dried body fluids makes it easier for stain removal. It saves both time and money by cleaning only the spots.

Mini Urine Finder UV LED Light Specifications

The Mini urine finder light comes in a sturdy body made of aluminum which is aircraft grade that is not easily destructible. In the matter of durability, this particular light takes the price. It also has a small hanging sleeve attached to it for its portability.

The focused beam from the light reaches 5-6 ft. this means there is no need to kneel down to find each spot clearly. The Mini urine finder UV LED light uses 3 AAA batteries that last long as the light uses only low power to work.

Mini Urine Finder UV LED Light Pros

  • The Mini Urine finder LED light is light weight and small in size. The small size makes it handy and easy to store also. It measures only 8 x 3 x 1 inches and weighs only 1.6 ounces.
  • It works with both ordinary batteries as well as rechargeable batteries.
  • More useful to find urine stains on light colored surfaces like carpets and sheets.
  • The Mini urine finder is available at an affordable price.
  • It comes in a body that is resistant to impact and water.

Mini Urine Finder UV LED Light Cons

  • There are no instructions provided with the package. Though the operation is not complicated, a small pamphlet would have been a great help.
  • The battery is difficult to install. It is also difficult to close the battery cover as well.
  • It does not work well on dark surfaces and patterns or prints. The stains hiding between the patterns are hard to find out.
  • Urine stains on dark surfaces like dark carpet, and linens will not show up with this light.
  • Papers and other lint also glows fluorescent by this light, so you may have to vacuum thoroughly before checking for urine stains on the carpet.
  • For a through view, you will have to wait till night or find ways to completely darken the room before inspection.


In a house with one or more pets, this mini urine finder LED light is a highly rewarding product. It makes all the dried body fluids that might be sticking to the carpet and blanket, visible so that it can be properly cleaned. The urine once dried is invisible to naked eye and can later stink. With this product in hand the stains will no longer bother you and helps you have a teal clean home. It works in the bathrooms as well.

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